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Are Magnets Dangerous To The Ez-B?

Me and some friends are trying to make this BB-8 on Instructables and put an EZ-B in it. Right now I'm concerned about putting the chip and batteries in with the head so close to the battery. How does the EZ-B react to sitting by batteries?


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The EZ-B already has magnets in it:D that help connect it to the base. You're fine with magnets near by!

As for the battery and many wires, you may wish to place the ez-b on top of all circuitry. This is because WIFI has trouble communicating through wires, batteries, and grounded metal. That would be a faraday cage:


As long as we're talking about magnets, EZB and DJ has mentioned the ones installed on the inside of the V4 case I've been curious about something;

I was one of the first customers that received the new version 4 of EZB and the 4 units I bought back then came in 3D printed cases straight from EZ Robot's headquarters. I don't remember seeing magnets in my first gen V4. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they didn't come with magnets. However. I then bought 4 new plastic cases when they were available and discarded the old 3D printed cases. Again, no magnets. Finally I upgraded all four EZB's in my robot with the new V2 comm boards. Again no magnets.

Should I somehow get these magnets and install them? I do on occasion have one of the connections fail to initiate but that seldom happens.

Do these magnets also help the EZB receive a stronger signal?

Also what about the DIY people that take the cases off the EZB? Is there a way to mount the magnets (if needed) without the case? confused



i think its just to get a better grip from ezbv4 on to the base. also the magnets are surrounded by plastik like the speaker. great idea ,i like it alot.i wonder if there are any pics from the magnets ? i bouth 10 ezbv4 but never had one with magnets,bummer.


@Dave ... the newest incarnation of ezb4's have magnets in the ezb and the base... This is only to help the ezb4 stay put better in the revolution robots ( and base)... For example when JD moves about the magnets help the ezb4 from being yanked out of it's base when and if he tugs on his servo wires accidentally...



are there magnets in ezbv4 and base ?


OH, how embarrassing. LOL eyeroll I totally misunderstood the reason for the magnets. When I read connected I assumed connected to Wifi. Don't know why my mind went down that path and got lost down there.

Thanks for dragging me out of the high weeds. :P


Find out more about the magnets in this the robot program video.


Okay great info here as I just had questions about the wi-fi signals going through certain materials and Magnetic equipment scattered around my room! :D