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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ar Drone Ez Builder

Any suggestions on how can I alter the ar drone control code on ez builder?


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United Kingdom
You can't. ARC is not open source.
oh okay. But is it possible to configure by writing an ez script which controls the ar control panel?
Sure as long as your AR Drone is version 1... ARC does not currently support version 2
@Richard any suggestions on how to select the takeoff button via an ez script?
United Kingdom
Apparently it works for the movement but doesn't work for the camera.

Provided the Movement Panel for the AR Drone works for whichever drone version you have then yes, you can script the movements with EZ-Scripts using the Forward() Reverse() Stop() Left() and Right() commands. There are also AR Drone specific EZ-Script commands available including Up() Down() RollRight() RollLeft() Land() TakeOff()

Have a read of the EZ-Script manual, search for the word "drone" and it takes you to the commands.