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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Append And Define Array Examples Are Showing Syntax Errors Again

This is the same issue that was resolved a few months back.
I have the newest version of EZ-Builder.
Even the examples I wrote and saved in my project files crash now, very frustrating.


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Have you tried un-installing ARC... Re-boot your computer then do a fresh install of ARC?..... Sometimes Ockham's razor rules....
United Kingdom
It looks like there may be a bug with the array commands.

AppendArray doesn't look like it exists anymore.
The examples for the array commands don't have valid syntax or have errors.

I guess DJ needs to take a look in to this. It may be a case of the examples not being updated or it may be something else, I don't know enough about arrays to know myself since I've yet to use them for anything more than just checking them out.
Hmmm.... I haven't used the array commands yet so I didn't notice the missing AppendArray command....
Fixed in the next release
Thanks DJ , check out the link I think you'll find it interesting.