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Anyone Using A Steam Controller?

As the subject suggests really. Wondering if anyone has got any experience using Steam Contollers with the Builder or SDK? If not, let's start putting some pro et contras together for future readers:)


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What's a Steam Controller? I am going to guess the obvious... a mechanism that controls steam? Where would you use something like this other than an ancient boiler or steam locamotive?:P


Lol, I believe he means the new wireless controller from the gaming company Valve. The Steam controller is meant to be used with a Steambox gaming PC/console.

I don't know anyone who owns one yet.

*edit: Here's a pic

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@Pinocchio... Do you even know what a boiler is? Google it... Ooops I forgot you are still trying to figure out what CGI is and if Avatar is real or not....:)


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Will it add to the PC as a regular joystick? If so, it will work with the existing joystick control. Are there different features than a regular joystick?


@Pinocchio maybe you would be smarter if you learned how to Google... :P



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my appolegies for changing your topic. for you too richard r.

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Woah! Woke up to a full inbox:) To clarify, yes I'm refering to the Steam Controller supplied by Valve as @Jeremie mentioned.

@DJ-Sures, the device connects as a standard keyboard and mouse, so the joystick controls in ARC won't work. Although, the trackpad works great, but there are tons or other features on the controller I want to use (e.g. gyro). The configuration utility is for Steam only (i.e. games/apps launched within their application) but I've already tinkered with adding ARC as a "game" and it kind of works.

I'll keep this thread updated with the best fit I can find so maybe others will find it useful in the future...