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Asked — Edited

Anyone Notice That The Ez-Cloud Is On V2?

did anyone notice? I just did. Just one of many things to come I guess.

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It's due the addition of storing ez-bits and coming soon in the next release:
- images for cloud projects
- EZ-Cloud variables

And some other goodies in the next few releases:)
Can't Wait!

(Wow, I just realized I say that a lot on this forum...)
United Kingdom
There's a lot that I've noticed that's been added or changed recently, Cloud V2 is just one:)

Don't forget to check out your settings and post a little bio and check out how much you have contributed to the forums;)
And don't forget to sign off those technical questions that needed assistance which have been answered.

From the looks of it the forums will become a better experience (difficult to improve but they found a way).
I love the way things are going around here. It's such a nice experience browsing this forum. I look forward to it each day and come back often. I always learn something.

Thanks, David Schulpius
@Dave ....total agreement! I also think the "atmosphere" has gotten better as well. I would now say 100 percent positive and tons more respect (fingers crossed stays that way:) )