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Resolved Resolved by RoboHappy!

Anyone Building A Full Size R2D2 From Mr. Baddely Design?

Synthiam/ARC users,
I now have some series 3D printers and I am starting to build a full size R2D2 unit working with this designer who has a FB page....


Most R2 builders use  Padawan 360 build which is based on Arduinos and various other components. 

I am thinking about implementing an ARC build using an internal laptop interfacing to EZ-Bs or Arduinos. 

Has anyone else done this?

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....just joined. Always wanted to add R2D2 to my growing list of robots.
I must not get distracted, I must not get distracted, I must not get distracted, I must not OK I am clicking the link
I know the feeling . Lol!
Yeah i have build one;)
I am trying to get my subscription license.... So i can finish programming it:)