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Anybody Available To Do A Join Me And Help With Ez Face?

I cant seem to grasp the concept of making this work. I have gone through the instructions many times now and still cant get it to work. Anyone willing to do a joinme? Thanks Chris


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People will ask for more details of what is going on! Like what error codes are you getting, what are the connection details, ports etc, does the camera work with out EZ-Face....When you go to see the doc (Justin, Rich etc) they need to know the symptoms! :D Then they can prescribe good advice (take two aspirin and see me in the morning :) )
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When you say you can't get it to work, which part specifically are you having problems with?

Perhaps you can run Window's Problem Step Recorder (it's part of Windows 7 & 8 as standard, search for psr or check the control panel under trouble shooting, failing that go to C:\Windows\System32\ and run psr.exe), record your steps taken and send us the saved zip file so we can see what's happening.

To be honest it's a very simple process and is covered by Justin however I'll list the steps here again.

First open ARC and load the example project.
Next run EZ-Face.
In EZ-Face set the IP as required, if it is on the same PC as ARC then enter LocalHost
Next click on Connect
Next refresh you camera list
Next select the camera from the drop down list
Next click Detect and Recognise

It should now be running. You will need to train at least one face before it works with ARC.

Justin has provided a video showing all of this too;

After training faces you will now see the EZ-Face send the $FaceName variable to ARC with the variable set to the recognised face.
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At work (and on XP) so can't go too in depth but some screen shots to aid you...

Start EZ-Face

Change the IP to Local Host
User-inserted image

Click Connect
User-inserted image

Refresh Camera List
User-inserted image

Select Camera from list
User-inserted image

Click Detect and Recognise
User-inserted image

To add faces
When a face is detected add the persons name to the correct box
User-inserted image

Click on Add Face
User-inserted image
Awesome, thanks for the replies guys! And perfect. All thoses screen caps you have provided... I do not have nor can find them. Where is this? I downloaded from Justin's site, it contained 3 files EZ-face , EZ Face 3.2.14 and multi face rec- shortcut. None of these files takes me to the screens shown above. I have class tonight. I will be back home at 930 and will be checking back on this post. Thanks again guys. Chris
You have to copy the files you download to the right place on your hard drive. ...No offense, but did you read the readme file included in the download package. It will tell you how to install it.
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The file downloaded from Justin's site contains everything you need, which is more than you listed.

Follow the instructions Justin has provided, namely the part about where to extract it.

Once extracted in the correct place (C:\) run the "MultiFaceRec - Shortcut"
So yes I did read the read me . I first extracted to my desktop, instead but then moved it to c as stated. But for whatever reason I still can't get it to work. I plan to try again when I get home. I'm sure this is easy it's just something dumb I'm missing
Just for clarification purposes I did a copy from the desktop extracted file folder and pasted in c drive. Will this work? Could that be the problem?
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Extract to C:\

User-inserted image

You should end up with this

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

All of the folders in the last screenshot have files in too, I don't have time to take screenshots of the entire directory structure. If you extract like the first photo you should have all required files in the right place.
When you try to run the program, can you post a screen shot of what you are seeing?
Okay so sorry Im still not getting something, went back extracted all files to "c" as in Richs example. When I launch EZ FAce it does not bring up the screens that Rich has showed at the beginning of this post. Im guessing EZ Face app? It opens ARC with a start button to connect. I do have all the files as in Richs last post. I must be launching the wrong program? Chriz
I don't know what I just did but I think I got it. Thanks gguys Chris