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Any Suggestions On Making Scripts?

Hi guys,

I have been working on the EZ-robot for a school project for 8 weeks now. I have managed to work upon new frames/ actions, implementing the speech recognition, glyph detection, QR Codes, object detection, colour detection and doing scripts implementing all ideas with some actions to perform a skit as well as EZ-face.

I now have run out on ideas on new stuff to implement to the robot. Perhaps any of you could share some ideas of scripts that you guys have done so I can implement to my robot too.

Thanks in advance!


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ARC is loaded with many example projects of how to use controls and such. Many of them have scripting involved. Also they are literally hundreds of sample code and projects on the cloud that members of the forum have uploaded.... Maybe you can start there to get an idea of things you would like to try....


Hehe I guess that can be a problem, having all the programming knowledge but no ideas!

What if you created an interactive game? Or a new dance routine?

We will be having a contest soon about showing off things people are doing with their robots. Maybe a good time to get a head start :)


I am not smart enough, but it would be real cool to play checkers with JD.

I would loose.. LOL


United Kingdom

Welcome to my world:) I ended up just writing up other people's ideas, wait for questions and bam, write the script for them :)


I am not very far along with learning how to program JD, been swamped with that thing called WORK as well as other activities.

But two ideas I was thinking of once I am more knowledgeable are:

  1. Have JD recognize new faces and when seen a second time speak to that person. I thought it would be cool if JD could walk arounda romm, recognize faces and say Hi and wave to each person. I have not learned about EZ Face yet but I was thinking maybe the AI program could help with this. Again, just ideas, without too much knowledge yet.

  2. Have JD climb stairs. Since JD is kind of short, he may need to do some gymnastics to accomplish this. Again, maybe this is simple but I am not far enough along to know.

Good luck


If you try making I'd stair climb, try making it like a dog or a cat. Front legs, then back legs, back and forth.

From what I understand, ez-face would be best for you if you want him to recognize people.

DJs idea on an interactive game would be cool. Maybe have JD say an object and you have to go get it.

I have plenty of time now, as trips are out of the way, so I might doing some ARC creations soon.


Thanks all for the input! Really appreciate it... :)


Here is a challenge. Recognize an object (by unique color is OK), and move the robot towards it. Now, that is really easy with built in functionality, but then, recognize that you are close enough to reach it, and pick the object up, all without human interaction.

It will involve object tracking with movement, object tracking with the camera pan and tilt, identifying the position of the camera, and then a set of auto positions to move the arm and grasp the object.



For an idea, I started making an iron man JARVIS AI using ARC. About three years old and I was just learning, so it is pretty bad. Though it still worked.