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Any Software Releases Soon?


I got spoiled by the weekly releases. Anything new coming soon? Not that I can do much from the middle of the desert. But hey its been quiet for awhile I thought I'd see what ya been working on.


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United Kingdom
A major update is on it's way but I don't think DJ has given a date yet. I'm guessing it will coincide with some of the revolution stuff going by the sneak peek that was posted a couple of weeks back... (post #19)
Ah i missed that thread. I see alot there in that pic. UI shows all the libraries and goodies to print your own robots. Cool. I'm hoping for some control advances as well. I'll keep waiting. New software just makes me wish I was home instead of the desert or in hotel room. LOL. I'll keep waiting.
We're working on it:)

There are quite a few updates on the company. Amongst a few new hires, which will be adding many new website community features, we also are in the middle of construction on our new office! We'll be videoing the move and some construction for you all to see. Once the move is complete, we'll have an office open for drop-ins and product in store.

Something i'm very excited about is adding cameras to our office space. We'd like you to see what we're up to on a day by day basis. You'll be able to check-in and see what we're working on! With Revolution around the corner, there are so many exciting announcements!

You're right about the software snapshots... I may have accidently leaked a little bit out. Part of Revolution is 3D printing and an open-hardware modular platform. With a community inspired online library of robot components! Additional to the 3D Printing is a 3D Robot Design Control. Which allows you to simply drag and drop your robot components on the screen to virtually build one! When you're happy with what you see, you'll be able to print the components -or- purchase them from our store.

We're only a few days to a week or two away from the release - which is why I'm happy to share with you the next generation of EZ-Robot!

If you think we've revolutionized robotics before, wait until you see what we have in store for you! And remember, all of you are a huge part of this next release. Without your funding from purchases of our product, we'd never be able to afford to take on such a huge venture. So, thank you all for your faith in our innovation!
Excellent. So are the new office locally? I love the idea of cameras in the office, but beware not to pick your nose...we will be watching..I look forward to all the new releases.
The new office is Calgary - yes. sorry!:)

You've all seen me at my worst, no need to hide my nose pickings anymore!
I've never been across the Canadian/US boarder although it only a few hours away from home here in Southern Wisconsin. This may just be a good reason to visit my northern neighbors this summer. I've always wanted to travel across Canada! Now a visit to the EZ Robot nerve center just may push me over the edge.

And I love the idea of a live DJ Cam. I'll be watching! *eek*

Cant wait!

Happy Building! Dave Schulpius
I sure hope you have one on the in house cams will be pointed at the coffee maker:)

and maybe one pointed at the workbench
But the coffee cams the inportant one lol

Oh man now i need a coffee:D
Having cameras in the office it great,but becareful others will be watching you.

I have 4 network cameras around my house for security.

Good luck DJ on the new design and office.
If I remember correctly you had the shop at your house, DJ what will you do with all the extra room once you move out. Congrats on the new office.
Tym, get my life back:)

My house has become quite the place... Not great for living in! Literally every room is ezrobot. Storage, work areas, just stuff everywhere. Something like the early days of Apple:)
Passion. When I lived in Ohio when I was about 20, the house I owned was a three bedroom house. Two bedrooms and the basement were converted to a shop, make up room and storage. My poor ex first wife. Rubber monsters and aliens everywhere. Living in LA it's now confined to the garage and my office. Second wife very happy.

But seriously it's all about the drive and passion. You have those and you can accomplish anything. I know, I've done it. And you are well on your way DJ
Thanks! Your house sounded like an amusement park - maybe your ex would have been happier if you charged admission and made extra cash on the side for the troubles! haha I'm feeling that way about my place with the robots.
Lol, that probably would have saved the marriage. At least a haunted house during the month of October!
@fxrtst- I'm in Ohio! :-) The woman and I are in the process of purchasing a house that has what appears to be an old mechanics garage. Easily 2 cars deep, concrete floors, insulated and welding vents on the roof. I'm so excited. I'm just starting to get into robotics and I'm lucky enough to have a shop space. It's super awesome that you're from Ohio. What award is that you're holding? It looks super familiar but I'll be honest I never really kept track of what golden trophy is which. I know what the Oscar and Lord Stanley's Cup looks like but that's about it.

Looking forward to all of the updates. I just ordered my first ez-robot complete kit today. I can't wait to get started.
Ah yeah what part of Ohio? I've lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years, but still go home once a year to see my friends and Mom of course. But thanks for rubbing it in on how much space you have. I just lost an offer for a home last week, i managed to find a house and shop on 8.6 acres in Los Angeles, but got out bid. The shop was 1400 sq ft! The award I'm holding is called an Emmy.
That's it, Emmy. That's one of the bg boys! Nice. What for if I might ask? I lived in LA for a year between 98-99 I loved the weather but as life would have it i'm back in northwest Ohio. Bummer you didn't get that place. We've been extremely fortunate in the whole process. I've had lots of friends buying homes in the past few years and they all have nightmare stories. I've got not a 1 so far. Still about another 2 weeks till closing so anything can happen but so far so good. I don't want to hijack the thread so I'll just say that it's great to chat with another Ohio native. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other on the forums. ;-)
WOW DJ first days of Apple, let me know when your stock goes public. Missed out on Apple but would love to buy when it opens. Lets see what would be a good ticker symbol, I know how about EZB