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Any One Needs Any Digital Chips They Are Free From Me

I have many types of chips and a very long list,so if you need a digital chip ,like 4000 series or 7400 or may be op amps i have many to give for free

just list the chip you need and i may have it.have over 1000

I am doing this mostly because i dont need money and will help others with thier project and same money

Plus also free relays mostly reed relays


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i dont need any chips, just wanted to say thats pretty cool of you robotmaker.


BRET i have largest ever stock of parts for robots ,and got them free from work and sice no more work i dont need most of them

YOU name the part and mostly like i have leds over 100 ,relays ,ic's all types and long list of other components

I KNOW a lot of robot builders looking to build robots ,but money is a problem ,so i am here to help with it,


That's awesome Fred , glad to see you are following the Robot Santa footsteps;) , paying it forward from individual makes the hobby better for everyone-:) -Josh S



Why don't you offer up some grab bags? An assortment of various components a new builder might find handy.

I'm sure there would be some newbies who could use the helping hand.


THANKS JOSH my good buddy,i have a warehouse of all types of parts


I need any and all parts i can get my hands on Im kinda new to electronics have been interested in it for most of my life but just now realy starting to play with it but dont have much parts or tools
Good thing i finaly got a good job ...... well better than what i had lol


ALSO same with anyone needs me to design and build a circuit for them ,any type of design

I can make it for free unless i need to buy a part,but mostly have most parts.

Designs used in robotics are way too easy for me ,at my work i design high tech precision test equipment that has many componets and lardge board size.

Wish i could post the design or photos of it ,but i would get into trouble with the company i work for.


@wolfie congrats dude! Good to hear :)


RELAYS are easy,as regulators,but hard part would be logic chips i have too many many types

MAY be a grab bag of different common parts would be a good idea,one i get back from my work trip in 8 days will put a lot together


WOLFIE electronics a is a very fun field,i never ever get tired of it and almost do it 18 hours a day (DO NEED TO SLEEP) ,same with robotics almost like it then building and designing circuits.

With me retiring from my job in about 10 days ,may not design cicuits as i use too. :(


DJ whats wrong with the smiley faces sometimes they work and sometimes they do :)


I love electronics allways have just could never aford it for the past year or so i have been stueding free energy generation mostly the work of Tom bearden and John Bedini and plan to mix robotics and free energy generators together as i know that in them little feed back pulses you get from indudtors has WAY more free energy "cold power" than what most car battery can hold and im not talking volts i meen joules ;)


Whats a good list of parts do you all think would be good for robotics. Looking to make a lot of free grab bags up soon and send them out to anyone who needs them.


Hey man that is really cool of you to make such an offer. I am a complete newbie to robotics. Haven't even gotten my Ez-b yet. May want to take you up on that offer soon. also i saw a post you were looking for an engineer to answer a question. i have an associates degree in electronics engineering, also i work with several four year guys with all the papers. may be able to help if you still need it.


I have the same degree JDAWG ,i got mine over 20 years ago

MY question is very easy,i here some say the darlington transistors are better then mosfets for switching items off and on

AND on protection for flyback kickback on inductive load on the best place to place the diode on the coil or on the collector to emitter.

JUST wanted you opinion on it

ANSWER it in my post under switching circuit for digital outputs

switching circuit tutorials for digital ouputs


no thanks, i read part of that thread not getting in the middle of all of that. i think you know what my answer is though


OK THANKS and yes i do,its same as mine answer i just wanted another good second opinion from another engineer like me.

BACK to the parts for free,let me know what parts you need and most likely i will have them

United Kingdom

Nobody disputed your comments about mosfets or the flyback diode, they were just briefly questioned and some of us disregarded them in favour of the typical TIP122 (for many reasons). All was added to the tutorial topic as options also. This is the very reason you frustrate me and I can no longer engage in discussion with you, you clearly do not understand posts correctly and get bent out of shape when anything is questioned or asked to be explained. Not posting to offend or even discuss, just attempting to explain why you cause so much frustration to many on these forums and others however fear that I can attempt to explain to you but cannot understand for you. No reply is necessary.


NOT GOING to argue anymore on this,but there was DISPUTES on my comment about mosfet and flyback diode

One reason no more posting ,so there will not be any argue ,you have your opinion that may be wrong or may be right and i have mine that may be right or may be wrong.

Pointless going back and forth arguing or trying to prove another person might be wrong.

I post my ideas that atleast i test them and they work to HELP others in building robots like me.

THis post is about me giving free parts to anyone who needs it ,so lets leave it as that.