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Asked — Edited

Any New Community Ezb4 Robots?

Just checking to see if there are any new EZB4 Robots or conversions?
I know it is just starting.
I have been following Dave's posts.
Can,t wait to hear from Richard R.
I know it is a major upgrade. I have watching the tutorials.
Just excited and looking forward.
Waiting to learn more from the actual builders on the community.
I wish I could follow older posts without remembering all the details. No second or third page on posts?
Thank you


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Richard R, yep, I think we may get a whole bunch of help from DJ as time goes by. In the mean time I've decided to upgrade to the R3 7XX model Roomba which has no documented information at all but has some similar input commands and may still use some of the same data packets as the R2 Roombas and the Create.

And I know Rich will help out if we ask him. We may have to bribe him with a Roomba, lol.
Richard R, You have been great on the EZ Robot forum and your builds.
D.J.Sures. I can,t wait to see what you offer the community, thank you so much for your great work! So exciting!
Rich, you are always helpful and very resourceful, thank you, I have wondering about MELVIN and how you might incorporate your experience into your interest?
Robot-Doc, many great interesting builds, can,t wait to what you add?
So many great people that will jump on this new technology.
Thanks Rich and Doc... And Doc, keeps us posted on your progress with the R3s... And Rich... Eat more fish buddy... We don't want to lose that brain of yours...:P
Well I am just waiting on the V4 kit and other parts I have on preorder, once things arrive I will be able to bring some life into my robot ROAMIN, I am very anxious to get him up and moving and then I can post some videos of my creation :-}
User-inserted image
ROAMIN looks pretty good @Stonewolf can't wait to see him in action!

The chair makes him seem monstrous but I'm guessing that without it, he's probably still 3 feet or so tall.
He stands around 3ft tall maybe a abit taller, but he solid and sturdy build, it well be something to bring him alive and to show others :-}
Richard R,
Your last info with EZB4 was you could not communicate with IRobot temp, rec. packet?
I could not find your last post.
Was there any response from EZ robot?
Any new info about anyone receiving info from IRobot Create/Roomba using the EZB4?
Robot-Doc also had some issues with IRobot.
This is what I have looking forward to.
Any details on wiring connections and new information?
Thank you for any help.
Looking forward to my EZB4.
Steve S
Hey Steve, this was my attempt... I am able to send commands to the Create using the UART, but still no luck receiving packets back like batt temp and such... Below is/was my code... I haven't got back to it in a week since the post, so maybe a little tweaking might get it to work... Or maybe I am a way off base... LOL... To my knowledge, I don't think DJ or EZ Robot was able to look at it yet... Not complaining as and I know the EZ Robot team has bigger fish to fry right now. I know he has the Roomba stuff on his list so we need to be patient... Anyway, here is my code...


# Using UART port 1 TX on D5 RX on D6
uartinit(0, 1, 57600)
uartWrite(0, 1,128,132) #Init iRobot create and place in full mode
uartWrite(0, 1,142,24) #Query Roomba Battery temp in DegC... single byte
$x = UartAvailable(0, 1)

print("Bytes in buffer: " + $x)

$y = UARTRead(0, 1, $x)

print("Received: " + $y)
Richard R,
I appreciate your update.
Steve S
Ok, so I tweaked the code a little... Might be making some progress... I am at least now getting a response back from the Create, but the characters sent back are jibberish... it's like the baud rate is wrong or something. When I query the Create's battery temperature (as per a tweaked version below) I get back what looks like the letter Q instead of a number between -128 and 128... The baud is set at 57600 and works no problem sending the Create drive commands...The Create's default baud is 57600, which it is set at....



uartinit(0, 1, 57600)
uartWrite(0, 1,128,132) #Init iRobot create and place in full mode
uartWrite(0, 1,142,24) #Roomba Battery temp in DegC... single byte from -128 - 128

Ping Steve... Some success (thanks to DJ) ... Below is working code for the 1 byte Roomba/ Create data packets.. Still working on 2 packet data...


# Using UART port 1 TX on D5 RX on D6


uartinit(0, 1, 57600)

uartWrite(0, 1,128,132) #Init iRobot create and place in full mode
uartWrite(0, 1,142,7) #Roomba Bump and wheel drop sensor
I will be powering Sunshine with the EZB4 (if it ever comes in).
That is Great news Richard R getting some code operating that receives packet info from Create using the EZB4.
When you sent the optcode 142 for sensors packet member 7 what value did it return?
Was it 1 for bump left or 0 for bump right?
I have never used something like "Realterm" before, only EZ Robot send serial commands.
I always wanted the bumper sensors to be an emergency stop for my robot. If bump is detected then sendserial(D0,57600,137,0,0,0,0) #STOP
The opcode wait for distance, angle, work great, but ignore all other commands until the wait is complete.
The cliff sensors still operate when I move my robot with serial commands, telling it to drive forward stopping at the edge of a table while I waited to catch it. The IRobot Create and Roomba have many great sensors built in.
Are you still using the small Create plug, but with the extra receive wire added?
I know you are using UART port 1 TX on D5 RX on D6.
Can you sometime show a picture of your wire connections on EZB4 side and Create plug.
Thanks for sharing your info and helping.
Steve S
Steve, I got 1,2,3.... depending where I hit the front bumper... bumper is something like left=1, centre =3, right=2... something like that... never tried wheel drop... You'll have no problem using my code to detect a bumper hit and as you stated to stop the Create or turn, backup or whatever ... I'll get you a picture tomorrow... but it is only 3 wires... ground on D5, send on the signal pin of D5 and receive on the signal pin off D6... I have made both a 7pin plug and a 25pin plug... both work perfectly for this.. in the meantime I am still working on getting the 2 packet info back...
That is so cool you have EZB4 receiving info.
Great job!
Thank you for sharing your new EZB4 adventures!
Steve S
Any new robots since?
Richard R solar robot is cool and posted an update about ICreate & feedback, thanks,
D.J. working on new IRobot commands,
Food robot got an update and new small bot,
Moshi is cool,
Cathie,s son received a 6,
Dave integrated EZB4 to his cool B9,
Tony from UK is advancing with his great applications! I want one!
Tony (Lexi) trying many options,
Robot Doc with new projects,
New product is shipping,
Still waiting for mine from Nov 2013, but I was contacted about removing batteries, and still having fun with EZB3.
I appreciate EZ Robot!
Sorry if I missed others.
Such a great community of people, robots and help!
Thank You Everyone,
Steve S
Working on upgrading Garden-Bot aka GB to V4.
Got 4 of the 6 wheels wired and working. Now all 6...
Then need to mount the camera.
Then testing outside ....

Looking forward to your new bot.
Outside robots are interesting.

I always look forward to updates with Sunshine!
Steve S
@steve, Captain Anne is Uptown! The thing I would add to her is her own win7 or 8 tablet. They will shrink them more someday soon so it will fit. I have one that might fit, but it needs to shrink some more. Well done.