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Any Forum Members In Seattle?

I'm in Seattle for a meeting Friday (tomorrow) and I was wondering if any of our active members are here? If so, do you have a lipo charger I can borrow this evening? Delta lost my luggage... well, left it in Calgary! So i'm without chargers for the robots that I fortunately bring in my carry-on :)


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Ah! Looks like I found someone:) he's coming to meet me and he gets a free dinner out of the deal


Yeah, look who saved the day...

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Dude , that's fantastic , and you brought your robot with you to meet DJ too!


Finally home, 12:30 am my time lol! Dude, i had to bring my robot, how many chances do ya get to do this kind of thing. I said good things about you, josh. Told him how you hooked me up with those treads and how youre an awesome fabricator. Dj's pretty awesome, we chatted about robots, cars, engines, the whole lot. Helluva experience, gonna be hard to top that one lol. Goodnite to everyone on my favorite forum, 5:30 am is comin around real quick lol


User-inserted image LIKE we need a like button edit ; maybe not so big though


Looks like a contest of... my robot is bigger than yours..... :P

I would love to visit ez robot this summer.... They will probably lock the doors when they hear that I am coming, but I still want to go.... :D

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"Quick, turn out the lights and hide behind something, Richard is coming..." :D


@Rich.... I'll have to find myself a wig and disguise myself as you so they will welcome me with open arms.... :D