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@Nomad.... The only difference between the old ez robot HD servo and the new HDD servo is the new HDD servo is much improved. They are installed the same way and in the same place in all the ez robots as the old servo was. They calibrate the same way...


i know that.but where do they go?the HDD on the arms or legs?


@Nomad Not sure why you don't understand this... They HDD servo has replaced the old HD servo... They look identical to each other...They go in the same place as the old servos... arms, body, feet legs etc... Everywhere the old servo goes the new HDD replaces it... What I am saying is the old HD is no longer sold... It is discontinued... Every servo in JD except the neck and claws is now an HDD servo... same for six and Roli


there are only 6 HDD servo's in the kit? if they are discontinued what with the the other servo's? jd needs 12 big servo's and 4 mini servo's see pic only 6 HDD ? so the pic is not correct?


What the parts list is stating for JD there is that it includes (6) HDD lever servos, as if they were individual HDD servo levels purchased from the store.

I think you know how JD is assembled so the 6 would be (4) for the arms (2 each for the right and left)
(2) for the lower legs (right and left 1, each legs)

JD also has HDD servos already in his feet (2 in each foot) And JD has 2 HDD servos in his torso for his shoulders (right and left)

I don't think the micro servos in the grippers or the head/neck are considered HDD.

I feel like the tutorial does tell you how to calibrate them because the assemble and instructions are the same the servos are just HDD instead of HD I don't see any change. What are you seeing that is different?



in the video you see the ezbv4is not connected,so you cant calibrate. i do understand now why there are only 6 HDD in the kit,thanks justin strange i ordered here in belgium 3 jd chest,none where with HDD or magnets. also the ezbv4 none with magnets,am i bying old stuff then?


@Nomad you got old stock... EZ Robot now only sells HDD servos period... they do not sell the old HD servos anymore. In their kits and individually you can only now get the HDD servo... Like I said the HD servos are discontinued...

There are 12 HDD and 4 Mini/Micro servos in a JD... If you buy a JD right now directly from the ez robot store you will get 12 HDD servos with your JD...


now i understand the 6 HDD in the kit.cause the feet are also HDD. bummer that the shop here sells old stock:(

thanks Richard R


@Nomad, The old stock vs new can be confusing, but if you think of it like this, the local store buys 200 kits (for example) that they might have purchased a year ago, they will keep selling them until sold out. They are not bad or defective, they just don't have the HDD servos (which we all now want of course).

The newer packaging should say HDD instead of HD, that is how you can tell if you are purchasing from a store in person.

If you purchase directly from EZ-Robot you'll get the HDD servos at this time.



idd i chould read more carefully before bying.i saw the new chest has some, improvements too.the walls that keeps the servo in place are higher now.