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Another Dynamixel Servo Plugin Request

Robots (Mfg. of Dynamixl servos) has released their "TurtleBot 3" kits.

"TurtleBot3 is a small, affordable, programmable, ROS-based mobile robot for use in education, research, hobby, and product prototyping." (From Robotics) These kits include a Robotics OpenCR board to control the servos, a Raspberry Pi (with camera) as controller, and an LDS-01 Lidar sensor. The Burger kit uses XL430-W250 servos. The Waffle kit uses XM43-W250.

I find that the ROS software for these kits is well done but very limiting. There is no easy (EZ) way to add voice commands, speech, mobile control, etc.

I would like replace the OpenCR/Raspbery Pi, ROS with EZ-B v4/2 controller and ARC. The XL430-W250 and XM430-W25 use the same protocol. They are similar to the AX-12a servos but have 4 operating modes. Velocity Control Mode (continuous rotation or Wheel Mode) Position Control Mode (0 ~ 360 []) (Joint Mode) Extended Position Control Mode (Multi-turn Joint Mode) PWM Control Mode (Voltage Control Mode)

The servo documentation is at: Servo Doc

I think these servos would make a great addition to the Dynamixel plugin.

BTW - the LDS-01 Lidar specifications are at: Lidar spec This would make a nice plugin too.


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@oldbotbuilder I ordered several flavors of these new X versions including the XL430-W250 which is cheap but ordered the heavier duty versions too...i got 3 servos for $700...gulp. But could get none of them to work with the dynamixel plug in. I tried every attempt including the protocol 2 and still not able to communicate. The XL430-W250 is finally a servo from Robotis that is a reasonable cost, at $50 a servo. But at this point I have $700 worth of paper weights. I never thought that the plug might require an update?!


Probably does require something. We’ll look into it :)