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Animation With ARC

Hey guys, I just wanted to know if anyone has info on some stuff that I am trying to sort out here...:)

So I would like to do some correctly timed animation with my robot, my plan is to script the animation frame by frame...so it will be done with an EZ-Script rather than inside of the Auto Position Control.

So I init the servo speed first...
For the animation I repeat to set my servo position followed by a pause of 33.3333333333ms because I will be animating 30fps.

So my question would be how servo speed affects the servo movement. I eyeballed that notching the speed up once will double the amount of time it takes for the servo to reach a certain position...am I right?

Does it make any sense to use slower servo speed...does it make the servo go smoother, or should I just run the animation with the speed settings kept zero?

Sundays on EZ-Builder, my kind of fun!


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This is exactly what I was looking for...The tutorials are structured great, don't know why I missed it!

Thanks a lot @DJSures :)