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Android Mobile Beta App Demo

Everyone has been asking about the Mobile App lately - and for a good reason! Because it's absolutely brilliant! Any projects from ARC can be loaded into the EZ-Mobile app. This makes everyone an Robot App Developer! Sometimes I blow my own mind:)

United Kingdom
Looks awesome (probably because it is awesome!)

You think your mind is blown? You've sent a hurricane through the community!:D
Wow! And all I really wanted for Android control was that last demo (video feed with motion panel).

Very very impressive. Can't wait.

I have watched the video 3 times. And each time it just wow me over. DJ and staff great job.

An android EZ Robot APP is just what I wanted for Christmas
OMG OMG OMG.....DJ did you build a time machine, and grab your own programing 10 years in the future and bring it back for our enjoyment?

and I was just about to buy a new windows 8 8inch tablet to put inside my little robots....
I guess that old nexus phone lying around will finally serve a purpose.

..I can actually use the phone as an on board pc
Seriously this is a game changer . There are so many high end android devices like galaxy 3 , galaxy 4 , note 2, note 3, HTC one, nexus 4 and nexus 5 and many others that use the latest software and socs. Even more tablets that are 100-150 are practically giant phones. As these become older 6 months to a year from now their price drops to a fraction of their original worth. That opens the door for all kinds of educational opportunities as well. Most students have a android phone or tablet in their pocket all the time. This further reduces the cost of learning about robotics. I LOVE IT for two separate reasons

-more simple robots like squeegee or mech warrior would not need me to carry my laptop to show them off

- for applications where some one wants a self contained platform like a sumo robot or soccer bot for example now have an option that just got way cheaper.

-lastly I have friends.... Over 700 in a club a buddy started for making ironman suites for cosplay. Ez robot leaves room for led lighting controls , sound effects, motorization of the suite like a mask opening , lasers popping up and more. Now they can be controlled by the users cell phone in their pocket

Awesome sauce I tell you , awesome sauce- Josh
United Kingdom
Will it work for the V3s Bluetooth connection too or is it limited for the V4 and wifi only?
United Kingdom
Do you know that for certain @aameralis?
I heard that somewhere too. I think you select which board in the connection control or something.
DJ sures confirmed it in a diff thread.

First release will be near end of December, beginning of January.... But it only works with EZ-B v4 because the EZ-B v3 is a different communication protocol.
United Kingdom
Ah yes, I've just seen the post (I must have missed it)
It means I will almost certainly be buying another v4 and selling my second v3 board... Or maybe I'll just keep it amd build a 3rd robot;)
United Kingdom
I would guess it will be a free app however it is purely a guess. If they did have to charge for it then I would like to assume it wouldn't be much. I'm sure EZ-Robot staff will confirm if it will cost anything though when they have time (and remember, it is a busy time for them right now).
I don't care if it's .99 cents or 5 bucks for the app it is worth it.
I suspect it will be fee free. Since the app is only used with the EZ-B(4)