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Android Device Sensors Used For Controller

Has anyone used the sensors from android device to control servos attached to EZBV4? I want to stream the video to my android and display the image as side by side for use in VR headset and control JD head movement using motion tracking of android device, in the VR headset.


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I've only used the sensor stream app for the iPhone that works with ARC as there is a control for it, but there is no interface to do the same with Android yet. I know that there are a lot of similar sensor streaming apps for Android which could probably work with ARC, but until such time DJ adds a control for this, I don't think there is a way for using an Android phones sensors the an ARC project.

It would be interesting to see if anyone has managed to do this maybe using the ARC SDK though.


The wiimote control uses the accelerometer in ARC mobile.


Okay I found the Wiimote button in the JD robot app, thank you that looks promising. Now how would I configure/calibrate the servo action to the x,y position of my Android phone? And is it possible to have the Wiimote function run in the background, while streaming the video to the screen?


I think so? To be honest, i'm drawing a blank. There is a ControlCommand() to enable/disable the WiiMote - i'm not sure how it works on the mobile app. If it doesn't seem to work, i'll add it to the list. Give it a shot and let me know:)

You can find the ControlCommand() for all controls using the Cheat Sheet tab in ARC when editing scripts. It's plastered all over the tutorials:)