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An Official Microsoft Kinect Robot Uses Ultrasonic And Ir

I thought it was funny one of the Microsoft development platforms is using a couple of ultrasonic and 3 sharp IR sensors for obstical avoidance instead of the kinect.;)
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I'm interested to see how much better EZ Robot utilizes Kinect can and rangefinder/ 3d imager
that is their Eddie Robot who also uses the Kinect.

Actually, the robot is made and sold by Parallax.

Kinect is optimized for use in the 6'-12' range. For close in obstacle avoidance, it is better to use other types of sensors.
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Mike, what do you know about the new Kinect? Anything that wasn't mentioned yesterday?
@mike so its really not ever going to be able to use a kinect to view the immediate surroundings is what your saying. Only things 6 to 12 ft away right?
Its a matter of accuracy. It works OK in the 3'-6' range but not really great. Inside of 3' it is not so good. The new Kinect will be much better close in.
FAQ section -How much space is required to play Kinect games with the Zoom attached?
Each Kinect title tracks the body and movement differently, so the space needed will vary. Most games recommend a space between 6 - 10 feet, so with the Zoom's 40% reduction you can normally get great results standing 3 to 6 feet away from the sensor.
I bought the ZOOM havent had time to try it yet