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Alternative Mp3 Trigger Sound Modules

I started testing some alternative MP3 Sound Modules, my goal to get similar functions but at 50% less than the cost of MP3 Trigger ($50 + s/h). This could help people with low budget that want to get into robotics or just wanted to build a low cost robot. I choose these two modules in theory from reading their data sheet should work with EZ-B thru very simple sendserial command already built into EZ-Builder:

This MP3 module im testing and is working very well with EZ-B, it supports 40 MP3 files, 6 outputs:

40MP3 Module


This MP3 module supports 199 MP3 files and 8 outputs but I can't get it to work because it required baud rate of 4800 which ARC doesn't support but i would like to have it working because it supports 199 MP3 files and have better features than the above module:

199MP3 Module


However both modules needs an audio amplifier but for the price you can't beat for small to large robot projects that don't need a lot of sound files.

I have already got it working well with my Wall-E project, there is just one problem because the volume reset once power is disconnected so i found a way around that by using a init script at connection to change to max volume and a start up sound. All costs less than half price of MP3 Trigger :).

Here is a rough wired pic using Wall-E own speaker, MP3 module, and a dual 3W amplifier. I will post more details soon but still i would like to be able to use the 199 mp3 module, nice thing is both module output stereo sound and you are not limited to small speakers, just use bigger amp for bigger speakers and blue color matching EZ-B board:)

User-inserted image

More details on wiring and custom scripting coming soon...might make a demo video if i have some free time.


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I'm looking for one too.
Just doing a little snooping on Ebay and seen this.
Less then 6 bucks ... WOOT WOOT ... will it work?


Heres more info if needed:

Please send a link if possible to the one you are all talking about.

@jstarne1...how many do you need? I have 5 new units that I don't need right now, same price + s/h? Let me know. Thanks
Hey Louis T - did you ever get that 199mp3 board to work? Also, if you had an extra one of the 40mp3 boards I would really like to buy it. I kinda ruined mine.....soldering iron and a lot of curse words....Any way, if you could help a bot out that would be great!
Thanks, Bret
I found another module on MDFLY that will use up to 99 mp3s and uses the TF card (up to 32g). It is smaller and uses less Voltage. It is only $20 so I bought one. It works just like the one mentioned above. Here is the link
SD/TF Card
That's nice. I got 5 of those 40s board if anyone needs one. I never got the chance to work on the 199MP3 board, think i saw that 99 one before but i didn't go for that because it was over $30 at the time, i think they have just lowered their price. The other reason i use the 40MP3 board is because it can run off 5V input so you don't need an extra step-down regulator, the 99MP3 board use 3.3VDC input so you need to care of that. Good find though! Let me know how that work out.
I'll take one. Can I paypal you the money? How much?
Louis t I would love to get a couple of those. Are they on the aprohobbies website? Thanks
Actually i don't sell them, these are my spares ones i ordered just saving for projects but i don't need them now, i have 5 of them and bret.tallent wanted one so that leave me with 4 to spare. Just send me an email and let me know how many you need, i'll send an invoice over.
Thanks Man, just sent email. I also like your store! Added to my bookmarks. Lots of stuff I want......
@bret.tallent...I got it all packed and ready to go out today. Thanks for the compliment:) really looking forward to see your order.
@Louis T - I have been playing with this set up on B9 and I really like it! Using a second Op-amp I am able to get my LED array to light up in sinc with the sound too. I had one question on you MP3 init files. Do you need both the INIT script and the VOL MAX script? It seems redundant because the scripts are identical after the (200) in the INIT file. Also, do you need the STOP MP3 script? Just curious.


Bret...That's awesome! That sounds interesting, could you post details on how you did that? I haven't work on this for a while but if i recall correctly, you only need the init file so it goes to Max volume at the start, the Vol Max script is just there as example, or if you need quick way to turn it to Max volume instead of running multiple Vol Up script. The same for Stop MP3 script, it's just an example, you don't need it unless you need to stop the track while it is playing in some situation.

Best robot building!
Thanks! I used an op-amp kit in this pic
and took the R Out from the MP3Trigger into this and the output from this to my LED's. This way I can adjust the power to the LEDs via the op-amp and they light up with the output from the MP3. It works really well.
is there a link where you purchase the op-amp kit? Thanks.
Hi All, I've installed this setup (The 40MP3 Module) and initially it worked fine. In fact, when I power up the EZB, the sound card plays the first sound file. However, although using the example script (and consequently, my scripts) I was able to control the board, not however, I can no longer control it (with mine or the example scripts.). There is no change to the indicators on the sound card; fast flashing blue, constant red.


Seems I'm going backwards, rather than forwards : (
OK, can't find my original post about yet another alternate MP3 player from MDFly.

Just installed the AU5032 TF CARD MP3 PLAYER MODULE. Linky

The data sheet says it needs a Logic level TTL voltage converter: Linky

However, this converter seems to be just that, the logic signal and voltage. The "power" to activate the MP3 card requires that you feed another 3.3v source into the line:

User-inserted image

So I wired it all up, and it works fine (although you will still need an amp.)

Any ideas on how to power this thing without an external supply?