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Alternate Way To Power Up Ez-B

My EZ-B was working till last night.. Today when I powered it up.. The both LEDs glowed for a second and then it stopped powering up... Is there any alternate way to power up EZ-B than powering up it with the barrel jack? Or is there any other way to power it up through the barrel jack? What am I suppose to do?


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*stress* *stress* *stress*

*confused* *confused* *confused*

:( :( :(
United Kingdom
Have patience, one topic will do and wait for someone who knows the answer to come on and answer you. Posting three topics helps nobody.

Have you checked that the problem is the barrel jack?
Have you tested the fuse?
Have you gone through the diagnostics?
I'm sorry for my anxiety... I was just tensed about it.. I'll try those.. Thank you...
are you using the stock battery pack? you might want to take a voltage meter to it and make sure it's working. the battery pack that came with my ez-b broke within days, (the negative wire came out so I had to solder it);)
i'm just waiting on my balance charger for my 2S lipo. then I won't need it anymore
I tried using different battery pack also.. But that didn't work out... :( :( :(
You might want to check the little fuse between the heat sinks.
Yeah sure... I'll try that...
Yeah... the problem is the fuse....
United Kingdom
Now you need to figure out why the fuse blew... or at least be aware that something made it blow.

If you have the time and desire to do it I'd unplug everything, and add each device one by one.
When I got my original barrel jack, it was bad. You might try replacing it.

I also blew the fuse. It was a while before I realized about the barrel jack.

Thanks Rich... I tried connecting one by one... Its the camera... I made some wrong connections to the camera...