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Adventure Robot Servo Calibration Profile Procedures?

I have an Adventure Robot on order but haven't received it yet, but I am researching into it on EX-Robot Site ahead of its arrival. I noticed in the application for the Adventure Robot that there is a servo Calibration Profile for the wheel Servos. Have a few questions regarding this procedure:

  1. What exactly are we calibrating. The only thing I am thinking of is this procedure is used so the robot will drive in a straight line.

  2. How is this procedure best performed? Seems it would be difficult to perform with the robot moving.

  3. What are we using as reference points?

  4. I have read the tutorial information regarding calibration of the servos for the revolution series robots and working with the profile screen, but this doesn't seem to apply to the Adventure Robot.

Thanks Much !

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You don't calibrate anything. The software is designed for the modular robot product - it is not software specific to the adventurebot.

Ignore calibration until you start adding servos and making the robot into something new.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Only reason I mentioned it is because when opening up adventure robot application in ARC and going to the servo profile screen it shows the adventure robot with two servos that could be adjusted up and for the wheels. This leads one to believe there is calibration required. Would have been better for the ARC app to come up with a "no servo calibration required" for stock adventure robot, when it asks about servo calibration profile for the adventure robot. This is the app I got from google app store for adventure robot. Thanks again. Rick


There is no way for the software to know if your robot requires calibration or not. This is because servos, whether standard or continuous rotation operate on the same principal and have no distinguishing features. As a newcomer to robotics, there is a lot ezrobot will teach you :). It will be a fun learning experience. Specially once you begin adding standard servos and building robots! The speech recognition and camera tracking with object learning ability and many more is very fun.

It sounds like you're using be google play mobile app - which is fun but still limiting. Consider using the real ARC app on your Windows PC, that's where the fun begins!


I can't wait ! I didn't see the adventure robot in the windows ARC software application in windows download. If I read you correctly I will build my own ARC experience for adventure robot using the ARC for windows tools or download your adventure robot app from the cloud into windows ARC?

One question I have is with the ARC software downloaded to my android phone. Can you do voice recognition, speech output and all the video capabilities like you can with the PC version of ARC? I would assume you can as the android and apple phones have alot of computing power these days and getting more so !

I noticed after downloading several robot apps from the cloud on my galaxy s4 phone that when you go to the app desktop and tap over the camera box that it comes up with the message "camera control not implemented in mobile yet".

Will this be implemented in the future and will color and object recognition be feasible on ios and android smart phones or is the camera control not doable on current smart phone hardware/software?

Thanks much ! Rick



If I read you correctly I will build my own ARC experience for adventure robot using the ARC for windows tools or download your adventure robot app from the cloud into windows ARC?

You can start with the latter. There is an AdventureBot example in the cloud (same project that created the mobile version you are using). You can start with it and add to it, or start from scratch, but starting from the example is helpful when first getting started.



You sure can do vision, but not speech recognition, yet.

The camera control is built into the main mobile screens and the vision recognition is preconfigured in ARC for PC first.

On mobile, you can use RoboScratch to make little programs.

On pc, you can even make your own mobile app. Click learn and look through the Activites course, which is at the bottom of the list.

In May, when we move into our new larger office, we are launching a new top secret project that introduced Activites and content for all ezrobots. By then, you will start having awesome activities thrown at you to do with your robot.

For the time being, it's a little lacking in that area... But we're working on it and it's gonna be huge.