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Advantages Of Programming?

Morning All

Would anyone like to chime in on what the advantages are to using the programmer's version of EZ instead of the non-programmer one? I'm a total novice (research psychologist by trade) but am willing to learn C++ or another language.




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Advantages to using non-programmer ARC

1.ARC is simple to learn and the EZ-Script is very easy.
2.You have a bunch of user friendly controls with more being added often.
3.C++ is complicated to learn
4.Almost everyone here knows everything about ARC so you can easily get help when you need it. there are much less people on this forum who know c++.
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Advantages of using the SDK... Not many to be honest.

I looked in to using it to push me to learn C#. It didn't last long when I realised how often ARC is updated, how powerful the EZ-Script can be (and it's getting better and better all the time too) and couldn't think of many reasons not to use ARC.

If you already have something written in c# or have a specific requirement that isn't in ARC yet then the SDK is the way to go but to be honest, ARC is the popular option even amongst programmers for a reason.

If you are a novice I would highly suggest using ARC and not wasting time trying to learn C#.

Hope that helps.
can any one please give me the link to learn the vb.net ez-robot sdk i'm good in programming and need to add new things to the ez-b
Excellent feedback everyone.


There is a getting started with visual basic ARC API tutorial.

As with others I tried visual basic and found the ARC script to be a much faster way to program my robot. There are some complex things that I may get to eventually that require a more custom program approach so I looked at visual basic with ARC API a while back to see if I could get the gist of it.
The advantage of SDK is that you can create your own program and implement a lot of new things, for example I have implemented KInect to my robot, Imagine, when you know how to progrma you can do a lot of cool things
I prefer the SDK although the EZ-Script has become very powerfull. The SDK (I'm using VB) alows you to create custom made applications that you can adapt to your specific needs or whishes.
Advantages of ask over ARC
1. Build a completely custom interface both functionally and visually

2. Create features that are not in ARC

3. Ego boost - you did it just because you could

Well that's all I can think of lol
Great answer ! That's the spirit !