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Adruino Sensor Support

Does the EZ BOT GUI support Adruino Senros (IR, Sonic, etc..) Natively

Or do you have to script

If scripting then what do you use


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Some are supported natively, check the tutorials and hardware sections to see what and how.

Others do require scripts. Scripting is done in EZ-Script, which is part of ARC. It is as easy to use as it sounds. There are many topics here which cover different functions and explain what's what.



Wher edo you download the users manual.

The links I have found so far on the site sned me to movies

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The movies are tutorials. The forum is a live user guide. ez script manual is in ez script dialogues.

Searching the forum usually answers any questions you may have.

For a more in depth view on EZ-Script I recommend reading through and following the An Introduction To Scripting post in the EZ-Script section. In it I am explaining the functions and methods used along with giving example scripts. I may be biased since I am writing it but it is a good place to start:).

And anything else, just ask the community. We are a good bunch who pride ourselves on helping each other.


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@Slim the common sensors like sonar , IR distance , switches , sonar with scanning radar ext are easy to add in. It can do practically everything you can imagine. ADC ports are for reading signals that vary from 0 to 5 volts and digitals are outputs for servos , LEDs , motor controllers or switching transistors.


yes,a dumb design by dell not to have caps light and its a fairly new laptop ,but thats not the problem with spelling. Mine i write too fast and dont double check my words.

LOT of guys complain about my spelling,but i see many other posts that have the problem too.

On arduino sensors every one can be used on EZB only need a scripts for them.

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@Slim (and @Josh) Digital ports can be used for serial and reading digital (on or off) signals and reading PWM.

Josh summed it up, it can do practically everything you can imagine.

Also not forgetting the I2C bus that's also supported, some items natively, others via script and the I2CWrite and I2CRead commands:).