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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Adding Pre-Programmed Dance To Robo-Scratch

Hi there, I have spent half the day researching and toying with an issue with a program for the JD Humanoid.  I am pretty sure it's user error. :/  I am trying to add the pre-programmed dance for the song Lose Yourself to Dance using Robo-Scratch.  I have added both the sound and sound wait function.  The song will play, but the movements as seen when I click play in the home workspace are not working.  I can see from the Java script view that the instructions say "ignore script".  I have watched a few tutorials and it looks like it should work by just adding the sound.  Any ideas would be super helpful. Is there a way to add the pre-programmed movements to the Lose Yourself to Dance using Robo-Scratch?

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Hello @joannadillman I was curious if you've tried placing sleep delays in your Robo-scratch program to make sure the action has time to execute and finish before moving to the next part of the program?
The RoboScratch Action has a built-in sleep to make it easier.

User-inserted image

Behind the scenes it it adds sleep just like what's selected...

User-inserted image

Ideally it'll be easier and way more fun to create the dance like that awesome The Robot Program episode:D
DJ you are a genius!!! Thank you so much for including the info about the soundboard manual.