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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Adding Phrases, How Many?

So I got a weird issue, maybe. Its related to the Speech Recongnition tool, for EZB and I could not find an answer to this. 
I have been adding phrases to the list, each one of course performs a simple servo movement or performs a script. When I click on the gear icon, it of course displays the phrases including the preinstalled ones. I counted I have 17 phrases  that show up with in that window, and if you use the slider, I have 2 more phrases, for a total on 19. 
The issue is that the first 17 phrases preform fine, but for the last two, when spoke, EZB says "Weird, heard but not detected:"  Is this because I have exceeded the limit of phases allowed to be entered? or because if they dont show up initally on the list  that they will not execute? Silly question maybe, but I know that these two additional phrases do infact work, if I  use a smaller list of command in the Speech Rec  app. I am puzzled, any ideas??
Thank you:)

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Im still using that last Version of ARC ( the one before ARC)- 2020.01.05.00
Upgrade to arc. That’s a known bug with ARC. Upgrades fix bugs
ahhh, ok. good to know. thanks:)