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Accses Point Arrived

jd 's batt is charging.few houres to go and we are reddy to do the callibration.

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United Kingdom
No you aren't... You first need to complete the tutorials for calibration in the learn section. Your profile indicates that no tutorials have been completed.

Get the tutorials completed while you wait for JD's battery to charge. Until I see the calibration tutorials marked as completed in your profile I will only respond telling you to complete the tutorials.

Also, your calibration issues already span over 2 topics with vague and unhelpful titles, personally speaking I would love to see the original post used to make it easier for other members with similar issues to find and follow.

Anyway, get the tutorials completed first before doing anything else.
@Nomad... Rich is right, your profile shows you haven't even completed a single tutorial yet.... If you are doing them you have to mark them as completed...

Your new access point won't help you if you don't do and understand the tutorials....

ok maybe someone can delete this topic then i go further on the other one.
i didn know i had to mark the tutorials as complete.
what i meant is soon as accses point is instalt i can do all tutorials.
United Kingdom
No need to delete the topic, I was just saying to keep this one as your excitement over the AP and use one of the other 2 already up there for dealing with the calibration issues.
Hey Nomad, I will call you tonight to get the Access point setup and get your ability to use your Wifi from your computers to connect to JD to last for more than 5 minutes at a time. I also have a JD now and we can go through the calibration process on the phone.

Will talk to you tonight.

hi david

great to heat your jd has arrived.:D

see you tonight

Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy for me unless it rains. School stuff all day, but, on Saturday I plan on waking up early and knocking out some robot build videos of the Six and JD. This should help if we are not able to get everything done tonight, but I can also have you on Skype and TeamViewer as we go through the JD build. I will need to clean up my office as it is quite cluttered right now, but that is the normal state of my office lately.

Anyway, we will get things going for you before long. Just a little bit longer. You have changed a lot at your place as far as computers go, and since JD is tethered, we need to make sure this is good before worrying about JD.

Talk to you soon.