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ARC (Windows)

Hello All;

Don here, (Dlanod375) -

In the ARC software under the design tab, how do you bring in or create your own files, say for a B9 robot or a R2D2 droid. What type of files are needed, Thanks in advance !

D confused


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I was under the impression you can only use EZbits to design your own robots... That in itself would make it difficult to design an R2D2 or a B9.... I guess it would be possible if someone would design and upload R2D2 or B9 ezbits...

To answer your question you need to sync to the cloud library then you can create your own design from the bits in the EZBit library...

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You can import STL files in to the bit builder, I guess this may be what is being asked?

I'm not at a PC with ARC so can't go over the process however it is pretty much self explanatory in the Bit Builder.

  1. use a software package such as Solid Works, Sketchup, or AutoCAD 123, etc... Design your parts. If you want the parts to be shared for 3D printers, make sure you 3D print test the part so we can verify it.

  2. Save your designs as STL files to be shared with the 3D printing community

  3. Download and Load ARC

  4. Press the My Project tab from the top menu ribbon

  5. Select "Bit Builder" under the EZ-Bits section of the My Project Tab

  6. Follow the instructions on the Bit Builder first menu popup page

If you're not wanting to make a 3D printable part, simply use a photo in the Auto Positioner of your robot instead.


@Don, if your going to 3D print a B9 you gotta post pics! I'd love to see it.


I'm assuming it's going to be a scale model R2-D2 or B9, and not lifesize!

Moebius Models just released a 1:6 scale B9; you might be able to use one of those and animate it...


Got a Moebius Model and it's great. However I'm using all my spare time to animate my full size B9 I'm building. ;)


Hey All; Thanks for the comments. DJ nailed what I was looking for :)

To answer some comments - no - not scaled down - full scale, FYI B9 robot is 6'5" tall.

Not printing it in 3D.

I'll get some pix's posted in the near future.

Thanks to all. D :D


Wow! 6'5" tall.... You and Dave need to talk.... Yes, definitely keep us updated.... :)


dianod375, Welcome to the community. Looking forward to any updates. Steve S


Hi again Don,

You say your not printing anything in 3D. When you say files, do you mean control scripts or controls that will make the sensors, motors and voice work that will be attached to your EZB?

If this is the case you can open example projects from EZ Cloud that will show you how everything works together. My unfinished B9 project is there also and should be of interest to you.

To add your own controls click on the project tab at the top of ARC and then the Add tab. There you will find all the controls you can use that you will then need to adjust and add to that will make your motors and everything else work like you need.



Hello All;

Wow - where did 4 months go. I feel like a bear in the winter. Just a quick up date, B9 arm pulley system - fail, working on modified electric car antenna mech. and drawer slide as next attempt.

I have the front doors of the R2 functioning on servos, just testing them for fit.

I ordered a Printrbot 3D printer, should receive it mid Jan,15. Prints in PLA, but found a modification video to heat the bed so I should be able to print in ABS also.

We'll see how that goes.

Happy New Year,

Don User-inserted image


Hey hows it going?! I am also building an Astromech (R7). I have been printing most everything for my droid with a printrbot in PLA:) They're great little printers once you get them going.

Your frame is looking great! Are you using an Ikea lampshade for the dome?

My build: Link



Hi Aaron;

Yes, can't beat the cost of the lamp shade. Good to hear about your printrbot. That was my main reason for getting the printer, Droid parts.

I re-did the main torso frame, much more support for the shell.