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#1   — Edited
There’s no one to have in talks with because ros isn’t a company or an organized group. But I believe you’re asking about the ros robot skill that adds ARC as a node? I mentioned we were working on something in the hbrc presentation. 

We had a few tests and had to move it to low priority after initial tests. Ros is so difficult for the majority of our customers to use. And it doesn’t really help anyone by adding ARC as a node. We’re still gonna release something eventually.

Our test users resulted in us trying to support ros rather than arc. Every question was how do I use Linux or why doesn’t the Linux computer turn on anymore or how do you use ros? LOL

it was a difficult experience because ros is merely a bunch of libraries and source code. There’s no application behind ros. There’s no interface or standard. There’s no manuals or effort in maintaining documentation. There’s no way to quickly test or whip up an experiment. You might as well just load up a c++ compiler and write your own program from scratch:)

adding ARC as a ros node would be like building the most beautiful and comfortable hotel resort spa ... surrounded by lava, sharks with friggin lasers on their head, and no bridge. 

Can you share what your expectation is of an ros node robot skill?
Hahahaah! Good point! Wasn’t asking for any other reason than if it was in the works. I’d probably spend some time watching some ROS videos to try and grasp some parts of it...but it looks deep. Lol.
#3   — Edited
Yah ros is super deep. Ros is interesting because it started a while before ezrobot. And at the time, I knew that making things easier was the right thing to do. But since ros’ beginning, they seem to be making it harder. 

Arc vs ros kind of feels like the Windows/Mac vs Unix Mainframe of the 80’s. I forsee ros being used in universities and research labs by advanced engineers. The rest of the world, unfortunately, doesn't know how to program in c++. Synthiam will continue to let the rest of the world use ARC and program robots in hours instead of months/years to experience immediate results.
Hahah so true.. I get so many people asking if it’s ROS being used on my robots on my channel. Then how long did it take me to program all that? Umm like an hour tops.. They think it’s all fake and smoke and mirrors. Impossible to code all that they say, especially in an hour! I mean come on guys how long can drag and drop take ?! I got things to do! Lol.
#5   — Edited
Hi Will, how are you?

If you want to play around with ROS on windows, I recommend https://www.theconstructsim.com/ 

I am a old Debian Linux guy from the past, so it is fun for me...

The Home Brew Robot club always talks about Linux, they frown at windows, however with the ARC magic, they only hope to do the things we do here: with the EZB 4, IoTiny controllers:  audio,  speaker, camera, WIFI antenna, servo movements, tracking of all sorts etc...

Arduino are ok but no match for the ezb4, IoTinys... I attended a few of the zoom meetings, they have a had time to achieve any thing we do here so easily.

My 2 cents  :-)

Doing good! Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.


"sharks with friggin lasers on their head"
LOL!!!!:p Ya Babby, YA!! (he says in his best Austin Powers voice). LOL. @DJ, Does this make you Dr Evil?
I think metaphorically, the dr evil laser shark is anyone who makes robots harder to use. So, not me:)
Ya, your correct. And you don't charge 1 Billlliooon dollars either.