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ARC Users Guide

Is there a Printed [Hardcopy] of the EZ builder software available? I find reading thru an
instruction manual alot easier then trying to reference a video tutorial everytime I have a question
on how to use the software. Its so much easier to just grab the book when one needs an answer
on the fly...


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United Kingdom
Nope. You are in the user guide:)

The forum acts as a live user guide for ARC. It would be impossible to produce a printed manual as (usually) the software is updated as often as daily. Currently updates have been held back due to the (very) near release of the major update due 1st June.

The forum is searchable and you will find most questions have been asked and answered. If you don't find the answer then ask and someone is usually around to answer it. I've pretty much always on here from 7:30am until 1:00am GMT and I'm sure others are around from 1am until 7:30am (after all, that's evening/night that side of the big pond).
United Arab Emr
@Rich : Man , you are always there.
Frankly, We should ask @DJ to give you shares:)
BTW: I am in business trip in Dubai , But I am becoming addicted to follow this Forum.
Well, what a bummer. That's no good for me. It takes too long to boot up, log on, and sift thru all of this just to get
a simple answer. Books are always better. Maybe if DJ would like I could offer up the name of a very good tech writer who could create one in no time flat!
United Kingdom
Again, the software is constantly updated and new features added as often as daily, the manual would be out of date before the hard copy manual was issued.

Out of interest, how do you use ARC without booting up?..

ARC is very easy to use. You will pick up what each control does in no time at all. The more complicated EZ-Script doesn't take too long to get to grips with either (and there is a script manual in the EZ-Script dialogue).
@Rich can you repost the link of the pdf you made? That might help him out ;-)
United Kingdom
You mean the EZ-Script Manual

FYI, I have been toying with the idea of putting together some kind of ARC companion type PDF however have been waiting for the major update and will wait to see what Josh does with the Wiki that's been mentioned a few times (I believe he is also waiting for the major update). If there is enough interest I'll bump it up my list a bit.
Perfect, that works for me. I dont minbd wasting paper, Im no tree hugger.
Love the GUI programming on the ARC but I am no programmer buy no means. I still am confused on how to take some of the scripts that are out there and install them to get them to work. I would PayPal (as long as it does not cost me an arm and a servo) to have a one on one with someone to teach me.
United Kingdom
@Tymtravler I'm always more than happy to guide people. I'm more for sharing with everyone than just one person hence why I try to keep everything on the forums but I'm more than happy to help you out showing you how to import and use scripts in your projects.

The only major issue with me is the time since I am on GMT so evenings over there are the middle of the night here.

I'll knock up some tutorials for using scripts etc. though, probably tonight. Just let me know if there are any specific scripts or controls you want help on and I'll do what I can to help you.

No paypal required, helping comes with it's own reward:D