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Just a quick question I can use my custom Cereproc Robot voice in ARC but I don't see in the Cheat code how to lower the pitch in the TTS script  controls? It is not supposed to be a Female Cylon,LOL! I think I remember some conversation about this and it is not possible? I was given some code how to modify the voice in the windows system,would that work?

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Ah! Very good . Thank you PTP!   ----Tried out the code and it seems to work really well,was able to get voice lowered as much as I want!


This works in EZB scripts, all you need

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "slow") saywait("I am speaking slow")

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "Fast") saywait("Now i am speaking fast")

#Too fast to hear #ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "ExtraFast") #saywait("Now i am speaking extrafast")

ControlCommand("Speech Settings", "SetVoiceRate", "ExtraSlow") saywait("Now i am speaking super slow")



Hey ya all those other commands are in the Cheat Sheet but was nothing to make a higher pitch womans voice go low to a man's voice level but now I see the additional code to do it is very easy, I wrote my first paragraph where the Cylon comes to life and says " We are the Cylon Empire all bow down to your new Gods, By-Your Command" And I thought the Cereproc voice I bought would still sound bad even with lowered pitch but what the hell ,when I first heard that paragraph come to life in my headphones I was just blown away how clear and how truly Cylon it sounded! I thought I wasted 20 bucks on that voice but now I see it is the best one I have ever heard! Well worth the money,and since it was engineered in the U.K. I think Scotland it has a bit of that accent,I friggin love it!! Now the Terminator can keep his google robot voice and this new cylon can have this voice. When they talk to each other ,it will be just Epic sounding,LOL! I bet if a Hollywood producer came by they would want to make a sci-Fi movie...T2 VS Cylon ,LOL!



Post a video if you can



I could see doing a short comedy in the spring outside, remember the old Mad Magazine with Spy VS Spy? Something on those lines could be fun with the 2 bots.


Yes we need some comedy,  did you see the video of Groucho on my Roman post?