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ARC Seems To Be Disabling Torque

At random times, ARC will just pretty much disable torque on all of my Dynamixels. I don't think it's a issue with power or the Dynamixels themselves, since it'll happen at random times even with a single servo connected. They'll just sort of all lock up and then stop reacting to commands from the EZ-B, but they're still powered and not giving any signs or messages about being overloaded. It appears that the torque is just being switched off from the short amount of detective work I've been doing. The EZ-B also does a low hum at the point of "lockup". It gets worse when the camera is plugged in and even worse when the camera actually running. I've went through the entire power range that Dynamixels work with (9v-12v) and it happens about the same way with all voltages.

I have all of the power coming from a Dynamixel hub to the EZ-B, could that be a problem? I can't seem to figure out why this is happening since I really don't know the actual EZ-B in hardware terms. I'd be glad to give you more info if you need it, however.:D


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good find,but bioloid charger gives 14.6 volts robot uses 12.6 is it posseble that iff it comes below 12.6 the problem starts?

i had same issue whit using batt case original here from ez. and it disconnects and connects in a row constandly. so i changed whit the lipo and problem was solved.



a Bioloid uses 11.1v standard, but the charger does use 14.6 to charge it. And no, this doesn't seem to be a problem with my power supply.



11.1 volt i didn know that,cause i see in manager always some 12.6 could it be the connector from bioloid from the hub to ezbv4.

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That's what I'm trying to ask DJ or someone with better knowledge of the EZ-B itself.


Do you have a common ground ( negative ) between your power hub and the EZB?


Your dynamixels will release ( go limp) if they get warm. They have internal heat protection. How long are they on before this happens?



don't worry, I know how dynamixels work (i wrote a whole guide on them). They'll just go limp sort of whenever they want, and then if I move to a different action they'll snap back and move to the new position. It doesn't seem to be heat related or load related, the Dynamixels aren't sending any kind of distress signal. I think it's ARC or maybe some sort of lingering problem with the Variable manager. They won't go limp until they're moving into a new position, when they're stationary they'll stay in place like they're supposed to. At other points, something locks up and the entire robot just seizes up and won't respond to commands until either the connection or power supply is reset.


anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

also, if this makes any relevance, my power base is sparking whenever I put in the power jack. Maybe something is stopping the board from getting power?


Are you sure you're not using the servo auto release control? Does the EZ-B stay connected?


Your jack is probably sparking because your plugging it in under load. The electricity is rushing to whatever is being powered.


The EZ-B stays connected, but when the lockup happens it'll only respond to soundboard commands. I'm using the frame editor and the Auto Position movement commands, so no, i'm not releasing the servos.


I found and fixed the problem! Something is wrong with the hub i'm using, so the power isn't evenly distributed throughout the ports. I have to hook up the legs and the EZB to the ones giving off the most power and it works fine. Thanks for the help, guys.