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ARC - Mac - Parralells 8 - Windows 8.1 Professional

Before I make a purchase , I thought i better set my pc up for EZ builder and make sure I can have the ARC software work ....

I have a Mac Pro running OS 10.9.1 , and parallels 8 , I previously has a VM on parallels running XP fine , But after some reading on XP and Ez Builder , I installled a New VM via Parallels 8 with Windows 8.1 pro .

I Enabled Bluetooth and Checked the Bluetooth drivers in Control panel Device manager and all the drivers are there....

I went into Bluetooth connections and did a search , it found my other iMac , and found my iPhone ok.

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User-inserted image

I downloaded ARC and installed it , It installed 2 programs ....

EZ Firmware & Ez Builder

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I Double clicked Ez Firmware to have a look at it , this is what i got below , There is a warning in EZ Firmware that it may not work on VM , So i don't know yet if it will ?

User-inserted image

Then started ARC for the first time ......

and looked around a little ,

User-inserted image

Don't have a clue where to start , So I stopped and downloaded ARC manual and I'm going to have a read....

So far there isn't any mention of EZ B V4 ,

So basically , next step is read the manual and watch a few tutorials to get familiar with the software right ?

Regarding Bluetooth connection to EZ-B V4 , do you think it will work ?

Just want to get it all right before i make a purchase ... better to do things right i think.

Also Id like to Learn some basic scripting/ programming with speech recognition , Ie , Could i have a play with it just on my desktop , i.e. program it to reply with speech , with preprogrammed responses ,

Maybe there should be a Beginners section in the forum...,




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EZB4 uses WiFi not Bluetooth... Also, EZB4 hasn't started shipping yet (hopefully soon)... There should be many tutorial, manual and video updates to reflect the new EZB4 in the upcoming weeks/months... My advice though, is to just get a cheap used Windows 7 machine to use with ARC...


Hi ,

Ok so was the Bluetooth issue with VM only for EZB3 ? , or is Bluetooth only used for firmware upgrades ?

If I have to buy another machine , I will , It would just delay my purchase of roll:) ,

Do you think it won't work on my current setup ?


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So far, yes the VM issue was only the EZ-B V3. We can't comment on the V4 since we don't have them yet.

I'd doubt that the firmware of the V4 would need an update any time soon since it should ship with current firmware (@DJ or EZ-Robot staff may be able to confirm that). As stated, the V4 uses WiFi not BT so the problem may not be there however it's a VM and as with all VMs there are higher chances of problems. There have been reports of the V3 f/w upgrade being OK on VMs too, it's a warning as the chances is high but it isn't necessarily going to happen.

As for ARC, yes you can play with scripting on your desktop. I have written and tested a few scripts without the EZ-B attached and used either random numbers or something similar to emulate sensor readings.

As for a beginners section of the forum, why isolate beginners? We all start somewhere and we are all beginners in one aspect of a robot build somewhere along the line. You'll soon learn the forum and it's sections are set up perfectly to help beginners and the older established members.


i run windows 7 and ARC through parallels on my macbook all the time! I've had no problem connecting to my v3 board via bluetooth. I would expect that when the v4 board comes out it will have no problem connecting with the computer over wifi :D


Thanks , thats good too hear and gives me some confidence that it should work out...

I understand the EZ-B v4 is not available as of yet , but specs of the Revolution Roli says it comes with an EZ-B v4. 5-7 weeks wait time for shipping. <-- so this time frame could be unreliable ? Will there be an announcement when they are available ? or ETA of EZ-B v4


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Everything is pre-order. Everything is waiting on manufacturing.

There will be a surge of posts when the order status changes from processing to shipped, trust me you will know when shipping starts. Then the backlog needs to be sorted. I'd say the 5-7 week wait time is optimistic to be honest, expect worse and if it's better then it's a bonus.

It'll be worth the wait though.



Well you have convinced me , I Just made my first order for A Revolution Roli and an Arm Cripper :)

So the wait is on :)

I will use this time to get familiar with ARC , I was having some fun with it today with Speech recognition just on the PC with Hal9000 wav file responses.

However Im a Noob and will need a lot of help,

Thanks for your help and support and everyone else,

Hais. Order Number: 2-4364

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To be honest, I haven't needed my EZ-Bs yet for my build (other than testing and playing). I could have got away with not having one yet and just working on building and programming my robots so take the waiting time to get used to ARC, work out controls, scripts etc. Exact servo positioning and timings may be a slight issue but you can get the base down :)

We all start from somewhere, I only started on robotics and the EZ-B 14 months ago. It doesn't take long to work it all out, especially with the awesome community we have here.

P.S. Yay me for helping another sale :)