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United Kingdom

Is it any servo you use the vertical servo control on or just a specific one?

If just one servo, is the servo connected correctly? Does it move OK with script commands or other controls?

Are your batteries charged?


its one servo connect to d4 and am using vertikel servo. batt are ok servo move to the right side and when i go to the left all freezes.


When in doubt... Do the 3 "R"s... Reboot, reinstall ARC and retry your project...

United Kingdom

Swap the servo on D4 for another servo. Try the control and see if that causes the same issue. Put the servo which was on D4 on another port, change the control options to the new port and try the control and see if that causes the same issue.

If it doesn't cause an issue with a different servo on D4 but the servo which was on D4 causes an issue on another port then you have a faulty servo. Replace it for one which isn't faulty.



i did change the servo and same problem.


i did the tree RRR no luck

rich i try another port


i tested the batt and some are empty. i asumed the whats in ARC is correct,i got there 7.79 volts so that solved the problem

thank you bolt

ps i found the weather broadcast.