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ARC For Ios?


I just got my EZ-robot dev kit yesterday and have been fiddling with the ARC software since then. At first I thought it seemed fairly easy to get started right out of the box, and to my surprise it actually took me several hours to figure out how to make a single servo turn... It seems like I've gotten all the servos calibrated correctly now; all that remains is how to control them all.

The guides have been no help at all in this situation, as none of them seem to go in detail enough to explain how I even setup controls for the servos or at least what commands to use. I would elaborate further if it weren't for the topic of this question - How do I get ARC mobile for iOS? There is no app called ARC in the app store and there is no link on this website for iOS devices, only one for Android.

This website clearly states that you can control your EZ-robot with an Android OR iOS device, so if there is a link or something I would greatly appreciate it if you would point it out to me.

Thank you.

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According to your profile, you haven't taken any of the tutorial lessens yet. Since you have a developers kit, start here:

Then take the ARC Software lessons:

Once completing those, then the instructions for every control with descriptions and or videos are here:

(note that some of the videos are for earlier versions of ARC or EZ-B, but the concepts will be similar even if the look is somewhat different).

iOS app is under development, and current expectation is that it will be out in January. Since you need to create the mobile app that it will run in ARC for Windows, you need to start there anyway, so might as well start learning there.

Feel free to ask questions here if you get stuck. the community members are very helpful, and EZ-Robot staff all participate in the forums too.



Hi @jmolina, as Alan stated, the LEARN section is a good place to start. Additionally, there are ? (question marks) beside every X (close) button on controls within ARC. The LEARN section can be accessed a few ways..

  1. When you load ARC, there is a popup (unless you chose to not show it anymore) that asks if you wish to see the tutorials

  2. When you load ARC, there is a window (that is always there) which explains how to press the ? (question mark) for help

  3. Press the LEARN menu option from the top of this website

  4. There is a Shortcut window when you load ARC (That is also always there when you first load it) which has a bookmark to Tutorials

The LEARN section has this particular lesson, which applies to your servo question:

At the bottom of every lesson are "Related controls" or "Related articles" (depending on the tutorial type). In the lesson that I just sent you, there is a Related Controls section which explains what controls you would want to use for that lesson (i.e. servo controls)

However, it is best to start at the beginning - Now, since you have a developer kit, you do not need to follow the courses for JD/Six/Roi. As a developer, you can skip those lessons because they don't apply to you.

For example, it was impossible for you to calibrate servos using the developer kit because you do not have any servo brackets.

As Alan mentioned, setting the tutorials as completed will help us help you. There is a lot of information in the LEARN section - specifically every lesson has information on how to mark the lesson as completed.

As for information about individual ARC controls, that is what the ? (question mark) is for. This is the main page for the ? (question mark) section:

Regarding the iOS app - we plan to have it released this January:D


I gotta give it to the staff. Being able to see who has taken the tutorials and who has not, is very useful!


Yes, it could be a good way to see if people have completed tutorials. However the person taking the lesson still needs to check the box at the bottom saying they have completed it for it to really work right. I've noticed a lot of new owners saying they completed tutorials when we say they haven't done it. I think it may be human nature to move on and not follow that last instruction at the end to complete something. More so for young people. When your done reading, your done. Lets move on.

I truly wonder if it is such a good system but may be causing frustration and ill will between people needing help and the ones trying to help. Nothing like being accused of doing something that you didn't do (or did do in this situation). sick We have E-Learning modules like this where I work that are required to complete each year. I always try to close it out of them when I'm done without submitting my score. No Submission, no credit. Thankfully it wont let me leave till I do that. I wonder if the Tutorials could have a pop up reminder or something like that asking if you've marked it complete before it will let you leave? Just a thought. ;)

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Just thought you would like to know that the iOS app should be available to download in about a week.:)


We are waiting on Apple now. The iOS app is finished, I worked on it 18 hours a day over the holidays:) Which means two things...

  1. I'm the biggest nerd in the world because that's what I do on my time off

  2. I'm pretty excited to have an iOS app because I actually use an iPhone and not an Android phone

I re-wrote the Android app as well - which we will publish the first version this weekend. The new android app is written with Xamarin and uses a cross platform compiler. This means only native system calls need to be specific per platform, while the rest of the code is shared. It's a neat approach, although quite buggy. I have had to spend quite a bit of time hard coding conditions to eliminate the buggy behaviors.

The new App will (should) also work on Windows Phone as well. I haven't finished the launch delegate for Windows Phone yet, but I hope to have time this weekend for it. I'm surprised at how complicated Microsoft has made Windows Phone development via libraries. It's not like the old Windows Mobile, which was similar to System.Forms.

Either way, the iOS app is pretty cool:) Same with the new Android app. it's neat. you'll like it

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Great job DJ. Im really looking forward to the iOS app. And I wouldn't call you a nerd... Just commited, on improving an already great platform for us (and yourself of course). Your hard work truly is appreciated.:)