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ARC For Ar Drone 2.0

hey, I am a student for mechanical engeneering and mechatronics. My final project is relate to AR drone. I want to ask if this software can be interface to AR DRONE 2.0 or only to the 1 version. thanks a lot, esh


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The software is capable of controlling only parts of the AR 2. It controls the V1 completely however due to changes in the protocols there are parts which cannot be controlled on the V2. I believe this is limited to the camera only but I may be wrong. Have a search on the forum, the topic has come up a few times in the past.


Hello Esh , welcome to the community. The controls will work on the v2. It is the camera video feed that is the problem. It uses a jpeg compression H264 encoding. A few decoders have been tried with only partial success. The video tends to be both delayed and choppy. Since they encoded the video stream they made this difficult. You may be best off attaching your own wireless camera. There are very small and light options with dongles you can plug into your pc. I pasted a link above.


thank you for the answer, for the project i need to buy another drone. can I find in the market, AR drone v1? esh


this label show that I have v2? I right? User-inserted image


I have a version 1.0 ar drone new refurb by Parrot Drone $175.00..In original box. I have not used because my Iphone has down level OS tha cant be updated unless i get a new model...Let me know if


I want ensure that i understand. . For using the ARC software completly, l need Ar drone 2.0 v1 and not Ar drone 2.0 v2? Do you know where can i find it? Esh

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You need AR Drone 1.0

Your best bet is ebay etc. or email @rb550f


Its very strange, that the software works on 1.0 and not on2. 0...

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As Josh (@jstarne1) pointed out, they changed the protocol/encoding of the camera on the 2.0 which is why it is not 100% supported. The controls themselves apparently work for the 2.0 but you cannot connect to the camera of the 2.0


For the project we need the camera. I will tell you what we going to do and say me what you think. As a part of landing system , we want to develope acurrate landing system which based on vision. does the ARC can help me?

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If you need the camera then you need the AR Drone 1.0 or you need to mount a different camera as has been explained previously.


According to your understanding, the project can be applied with ar drone 1 and the ARC? we dont want to spend money in stuff which we dont can to use it.. thanks

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It will come down to the vision aspect. ARC has various tracking abilities in the camera control, if one of these tracking abilities will do what you plan then yes.

Download ARC, it's free. Take a look at what controls and options there are and decide if it does what you require it to do.


thank you for you Patience. did the software controlled on the vertical camera?