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Where can I find an old version of ARC, that runs on Windows Vista, with multiple choices for servo control for a biped robot without arms? I have no idea how to use the software to control the 6 servos, 3 on each leg to make the robot walk. I have the EZ Robot kit with EZ B v3. I attached a photo of my robot. Can anybody help me, please?


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I do not advise using an old version of ARC as support will not be there for it, there will be bugs which have since been taken care of, controls have been reworked etc.

Not to mention, the camera control is not supported by Windows Vista, adding a camera control will cause your PC to have problems.

All support for guiding you in the use of ARC will be based around the latest version at the time of asking questions. Very few, if any, active community members still use Windows XP/Vista and the XP/Vista compatible version of ARC.

You are better off upgrading your PC to Windows 7. The chances of the PC not being able to run Windows 7 are very slim (I've not come across a PC that runs Vista but wont run 7). I'll always advise the upgrade to any of my clients who run an operating system no longer supported by the software author.

If you are set on using out of date software and OK with the bugs and lack of support I am sure someone on the forum will provide you with a link shortly.


Thank you for your attention,Rich, I know that my problem is weird, with the operating system, but I need that version of software and I need that just to control the 6 servos for my biped robot :( I want to make it able to do some steps and not to fall, for my project.


Marian 19, I have to agree, I used Vista for over 10 months. Things are so much better with 8.1. I would not try to get by with an older version of ARC, too many advancements. Steve S


Are you not able to upgrade to Windows 7? Vista is a discontinued OS from Microsoft due to bugs and issues. There must be an affordable upgrade option from Vista to 7?

Even if you had ARC work in Vista, you still have to live with Vista:) It is not a reliable operating system. Check with your computer manufacturer to see if they offered an upgrade. Many companies offered free upgrades to Windows 7