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A Welcomed Surprise

A Welcomed Surprise!
My order showed "processing order".
I have no complaints receiving my long anticipated EZB4 order 11-3873 from 11/13.
I have been having so much fun with EZB3,s (not done yet), please continue support with EZB3 robots.
I like what I see connecting so fast on AP mode, and moving one of my HD EZ servos connected to my Lipo bats.
DHL has no problem with my last 2 orders.
Thank You D.J. and EZ Robot,
Steve S

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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That's a very clean and neat looking connection from your battery pack to the EZB(4) !
congrats steve.ho ho ho
Congrats Steve... have you had any problems getting them into client mode?
looking wonderful baby!
love to see some pics off the client mode.how it looks.
Got the green light.
Client mode works great with my router after watching EZ Robot vids and reading the response to a recent thread "Question With Wifi" from Rich.
Thanks folks,
Steve S

User-inserted image

@Steve... Green light means go...:) Good to hear.... @Rich's tutorial is dead easy to follow....