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A Thought For A Great Project

I would like to see someone come up with a robot version of the Star Wars Emperial 4 leggged walker..Would be perfect for EZ revolution ez bits!


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this guy here?

I really do think that would be epic. With the possibility of designing ez bits in 3d software and then printing them off, I might be super interested in doing this. I did see some projects on here that were great, like an R2-D2 and somewhere someone mentioned creating their own Dalek (DJ maybe in a video? If I'm remembering properly?)
Two sets of JD's legs, a little DIY-ing and bam! done! I wonder if anyone with take the challenge.
I think it would be pretty straight forawrd with Roli's body (Minus the rover 5 chasis) and clipping in 4 legs and moving the head/camera portion to the front. Shouldnt take very long to program after that.. We had been talking about a 'Dog' type kit for Roli similar to the Scorpion kit for Six. The sky is the limit with expanding the 3 EZ-Robots!
It's called an "At at" "All terrain Armored transport".

That would rock to build it to be about 4 feet tall
Yeper that would work.

Great now you have me thinking of another project even before I get the one started. ;)