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A Short Introduction

I figured I would introduce myself.

I started about 6 months ago with robotics using a BOE kit and Arduino.

I wanted to do facial recognition so played around a bit with opencv and C#.

During my research I ended up on the EZ-Robot site.

Since I liked what I saw and the community seems friendly and helpful I ordered the developers kit and I am currently in the process of patiently waiting (the patient part is not exactly truthful :))


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Awesome! I like when people do introductions. I also like to think we're all friends on here so it's important. it's nice to meet you :D


Welcome Darathian. I'm looking forward to what you are able to with EZB and your idea of facial recognition. It's something I'd like to add sometime to my Robot. Please post pics and info about your project as you go. What ideas do you have so far?

Dave Schulpius


@Darathian , Welcome to the Community ! I can understand you excitement:) EVERYONE Is excited for the new releases :). Here in this community we help each other develop , share ideas , script and even 3d models of custom designed parts in the EZ Bits library. I look forward to your facial recognition project , lots of robots could benefit from it. Be sure to start a post for it in the "Projects" section so we can follow you and cheer you on! - Josh


Welcome! You won't be disappointed in either the kit or the community.:) We are here to help.


I've been into robotics and started with the EZ platform anout 9 months ago. Over the summer I got and Arduino as well and I can tell you from my research and experience that EZB and its community are 2nd to none. Welcome aboard.


I will post some pictures of the current setup when I get a chance.

Currently the robot is controlled either via an old Sony remote I had laying around, or via my Ipod using ZigBee and TouchOSC. I am using processing and an OSC library for processing to convert the OSC commands to serial over the ZigBee units. The robot can also navigate itself with object detection via IR. (soon to be a ping sensor)

There are two LED's on the robot that indicate when an object is detected and that feeds back to the Ipod into the OSC interface.

I am in the process of scaling to a new base and was thinking of using HDPE or expanded PVC sheets. I have read that its fairly easy to work with these. Are any of you using these materials at all?

As far as facial recognition goes I am not sure yet exactly what I want to do. I was thinking it would be fun if the robot could recognize someone and greet them by name or using motion sensing and make the robot dance based on someone moving.

I have not programmed in years so my current method is using a large hammer to beat the code into submission :). It's amazing how many things can be fixed with a large hammer and good aim. :D


Just remember to change out the 2 pound hammer for a small ball-peen hammer when working with small PCBs :)