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A Lotiny Blitz

Oh yeah! It was like lightning Everybody was fighting And the music was soothing And they all started grooving Yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah And the man in the back said everyone attack And it turned into a LoTiny blitz

YA! Just ordered two! :D


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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A nice break from the train wreck tonight... got me a three pack!


Awesome price.... Going to wait a while until I need some other stuff to make the shipping cost worthwhile, but will definitely be ordering a couple.



I ordered the 3 pack as well. There was word a while back of a new that still in the works?


@JustinRatliff As far as I know there have only been two versions of the V4 camera... The original with a blue LED and the second (came out over a year ago) with a green LED.... I haven't heard any mention of a 3rd iteration of the ezb camera...


I thought DJ had mentioned a while back about a standalone wifi camera in development.


@JustinRatliff Hmmm, yes that was a while back. I had forgotten about that. I guess ez robot are the only ones that can answer that....


IoTiny is so low cost that it depreciates the need for a standalone camera. Connect a camera to the tiny and there's your standalone camera :)


I read a post a few months ago by DJ that because of the new v4/2 board that ez robot would not be offering a new version camera.


Just burned up my EZ-ROBOT credit... lol

9 - LoTiny 1 - EZ 4/2 w camera 2 - EZ 4/2 upgrades Some other stuff.... lol


My 1:1 R2 which uses (2) V4's will get the new upgrades.

Then I have a fleet of Omnibots, Wall-E's, Robosapien, mini R2 that will get the newer LoTiny's.

Going to be a busy winter. I have a 3D printer an 40W laser cutter now. :-)



Right on Kris! Have you used your 40W laser cutter yet? What have you done with it? What model did you get? I've been thinking about getting one and would love to hear about your experience.


Love my laser. I got a Chinese 40Watt off E-Bay. Upgraded the controller to a Smoothieboard.

I've been making boxes, edge light acrylic signs, coasters, wood hinge books and so much more.

It's been great. Expect to tinker and do some wire cleanup/re-work with the Chinese stuff. Overall it's been a good experience.

Makes a great companion to my 3D printer.



Looks like these little wonders are now sold out. Wow, in just a couple days!

I'm glad I was able to get my order in as soon they as they went up for sale! My order is still at "Awaiting Review". Awaiting is hard. :D