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A Little Observation That I Made

This happens, especially if a person is new.

If you are like me, you try to get all of the information before you actually start doing things so that you won't burn up expensive equipment like you did in the past. You carefully collect this information. When the day comes, you carefully follow all of the steps to make sure that you do EXACTLY as directed. Then after doing the procedure what seems like a million times and it doesn't work as advertised, you get FRUSTRATED.

At this point, you start blaming and taking it out on D.J. and his team and things go down hill rapidly. When, the reason it wasn't working was that you had some BAD HARDWARE. Some hardware that you added that did not even come from D. J.

From what I have seen, Most ALL of D.J.'s products work Flawlessly including his software. And if any bugs come up, he is like a Magician. I have never seen someone so FAST and ACCURATE at the same time.

I for one, have been guilty of this. I would like to suggest we all give D.J. some slack. He has worked hard and has earned Much respect from all of us. I NEVER had any patience at all in my life. But, I am working to get some.





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Thanks Mel:) Glad to hear you're robot is becoming a success :). I've been recommended to remove the Community Forum by quite a few people. I've been told that the Community Forum will do more harm than good. I fought to keep the Community Forum because I feel it is very important to interact publically with the community.

When someone posts harsh opinions and creates drama, it makes EZ-Robot look bad. So I do understand why it has been suggested that I remove it. However, I know that eventually the individuals become comfortable and settle down.:)

Every suggestion or question or anything is recorded. I look at everything, even posts i don't reply too. And from that I determine the vision of EZ-Robot's future and features. Even the rude and harsh comments, like one particular individual we have on the site recently who doesn't get it yet. In time, he will...:) We're open to everybody who wants to build a robot - and that's my ultimate goal here.

Here is a suggestion: If it is a Negative comment, REMOVE it immediately and send that person a personal email reply. Hash it out privately with them. Put a disclaimer saying that any negativity goes against the objectives of the forum. In order to serve you better, your email will be answered privately.

I think Every problem that comes up like that is simply a miss-understanding.

I will trust that you have your reasons.

I was born and raised on a farm. When trying to put cows in the barn for their own good, they would often fight us. But, we never stopped. But, we had times that we thought of stopping saying to ourselves, "Those Stupid cows don't realize we are trying to help them."
DJ (and others). Forums are a mixed blessing. For those that thrive to share, ciommunicate, suggest, help, etc., they are emphatically a nessesity for building a strong product.

However, they also tend to be the front line for disgruntled owners as well. The barrier to entry for someone to gripe is so low, and the most public display of dissatisfaction so clear, that many choose this forum rather than simple and direct communication. They hope that their emotionally based statements create a mob mentality. Unfortunately, these same people are the first to realize the great loss of community when the admin brings the site down due to their behaviors

I've only been a customer for a little while, and although I have had my own frustrations, it is generally only the possitive and supportive posts that I bring to this forum. I bring my greivences directly to the source.;)

I hope I (and the rest of the possitive folks) bring useful support to the forum, and that our direct feedback to DJ drive a better product and experience at the end of the day.

(ok, off my soap box. The coffee is wearing off)
ok im guilty.....i get pissed when people dont click on the fraking search button....

so i tell them. search os your friend....i know it might sound like an a hole move. but come on...search people.

and maybe after a while you could close the forums and maybe just archive what has been stated....

tons of great questions and answers on here. if the forum is gone...well i dont think "most" people will buy into ezb...they will have questions and its always nice to "speak" to someone.

2 cents over.
I've pre-typed a nasty reply for a certain "person" that has been annoying
the hell out of me lately. I figured it was not my place and kept deleting it.

I'm glad I'm not the only person getting annoyed by them.

I've always learned by trying, then ask for help after failure. Some people
seem the need to be spoon fed everything and not actually try to accomplish
anything on their own.

Keep the forums, clean up the whiney garbage.

My $0.02
DJ... I agree with Mel the forum is one of my favorite features. I don't think I would have gotten as far without the help of many of the regulars on the forum....
I love the forum , its everything that keeps my.project going
I feel inspired by what people have done and being able to see first hand at what's possible.
It's a great place to bounce off ideas and to get help.
I agree with everyone here. The forums are a place that I visit every single day either from my iPhone, iPad, laptop or shhh... (work computer - on lunch of course!) .

I don't often get time to work on my project, but I do check for new ideas and inspiration from the phenomenal EZ-Robot community.

The only thing I would maybe consider changing is the way the forums update. I personally find that forums where the threads are brought to the top when new posts are made are much easier to navigate and follow.

Im a big fan of the way http://hardforum.com uses V-Bulletin. I've been a 10+ year member and it's a great forum that generates a lot of helpful conversation.

Keep on trucking and let haters be haters! Spread the robot love! (okay that was just a little too far I think... good night)

Lol ill shoot you one In a min lumpy
I've had my share of frustrations but in most cases the forum gets you the help needed. All the help out there is great - thank you all - it keeps it fun, the way it should be..:D
New Zealand
I'm in on this too.... most postings I seen in any day since I started!

New Zealand is a long way away from any help desk and reading your guy's feedback and seeing your projects grow is really encouraging.... even more so is the freedom to propose our own and explore others ideas in a safe open source 'ideas' community... Lets build up not tear down.

Pioneers all - keep up the awesome work and of course the forum!

(Did I really say all that cheesy stuff? - lol) :D
Ahh, so this is where you all go to complain, about someone complaining, about stuff, lack of stuff, why doesn't DJ do stuff "my" way, why can't EZ-Robot be like someone else's super perfect stuff and yet I still use it anyway... er... derailed my train there, sorry:)

So far I am both loving and not-quite-hateing the community forum... I come looking to get info and ideas, and when possible pay it back by assisting someone else, but my-o-my, the stuff I have to filter through... I haven't gotten around to building much yet because of all the reading (OK, OK, and some replying *blush*). And yet, I would never wish for this community forum removal... ever. I am usually leaning too much toward introversion, but I feel I can actually reach out here and be informed and welcomed... a bit... as long as I don't bark back, much:)

Although I'm new to this forum its been an invaluable source of information and creativity for me, you people rock!, DJ you rock!.

Learning and making mistakes can be frustrating and people posting neg posts are just not handling the moment well. I've had plenty as a newbie, but I only blame myself for not thinking straight ( Of course it was a fuse...derrr. ).

This forum brings creative people together, admittedly around a product, but without its users a product is nothing but potential. I also recon it's the best advertising for EZB, many people here will defend it and encourage it to succeed. Such early days for any product to get such loyal fans, its one of the reasons I bought one. You should be proud DJ,

A few sour pusses aren't spoiling a thing for me. I'm too busy drooling over everyone's projects.