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A Collection Of When People Have Received Their Products

i'm creating this so people will hopefully realize that products are shipping and don't keep asking the same question or asking if this is a scam or something. if you've received your product, please say when here.

also, please don't post about how you haven't gotten your stuff yet, just wait and it'll come :D

bonus points if you say what you think of it so far.

note: this isn't for anything relating to the v3.


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I have received a Developer kit that I got off of ebay from someone who made a very early order and decided that they wanted to spend their time and energy doing something else, and wanted to re-coop the money for the developer kit. I have to say that the EZB v4 and Developer kit as a whole is AWESOME. If this wasn't all that it was promised to be and more, I would have cancelled my other orders listed below. They are still very much active.

I have another order with a EZ-B V4 and some misc parts and I am good with waiting because I see how awesome the Developer kit is.

I have another order with 3 more developer kits, a JD, Roli and a Six. - This will be waiting until Roli is finished and I am good with waiting because I see how amazing the V4 and the servos are.

I have another order with only 2 small servos and I am good with waiting because I see how good the servos in the developer kit are.


I've received two EZB(4)s and have just ordered another EZB(4) and three video cameras. The EZB(4) with the free software platform make it very EZ to build what you want on your robot without the hassle of learning the more difficult programming languages.


i recieved the camera few weeks later


Patrick... The op was talking about the new V4 products... Don't you have a V3 camera from long ago?.... I also received my order for a few EZB4 boards a few days ago....


yes i have the v3 camera


I got my v4, camera and some other things too.


I got a ezb v4 controller and camera Monday night.

It is way better than v3, networking and respond of camera outstanding!

I can wait for kits now!


United Kingdom

Just had confirmation that my order has just cleared customs and is on its way :-)


I received my Ezb4 last friday.I installed it in my Moshi robot and it works great.


I have been having my EZB 4 and camera about a week now. I have an extra EZB 4 and another one on B/O to come in later.

I was surprised how quickly it came in, 2-3Days. I should NOT have been surprised because that is the Fine Customer Service that we customers have grown to expect from EZ-Robot. And, they NEVER let us down.