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Ya, we were just talking about this yesterday in a different thread. This is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks! Now I need to find a good way to have a wireless desktop microphone located away from the robot for Voice Recognition id the CPU is inside the robot.

Thanks again, Dave Schulpius


Ill just use the hdmi to composite converter. Thats a high price.


Over at they have 7 and 8" touchscreen monitors by Lilliput, so you would not need mouse or keyboard for the onboard computer.

You may be able to find better prices, but they are having a 25% of sale.

A couple of years ago, the forums at that site were giving Lilliput a bad wrap for poor quality and poor sunlight readability, but now they are selling them. I haven't been to the forums there in a while, so I don't know if the quality improved, or just they are the only game in town. Some research called for if you are looking at putting a small monitor onboard.


United Kingdom

I've used Lilliput displays for years without complaint. Yes they had their issues, they aren't the best of the best but they are good and cheap. There are certainly worse out there and sunlight readability was an issue on even some of the better displays. Personally I'd have no hesitation in using a Lilliput screen.


@RichMR2, that is good to hear. The price has actually come way down from when I was looking at doing a car computer a couple of years ago - that car - Saturn - died, and now my car - Prius - IS a computer, so I have moved on to other projects, like Robots:)