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3D Printers

Thinking about getting a Makerbot Replicator 2 (4th gen). I have a couple of questions.

When you stop printing:

Do you let it cool down before you turn it off?

Do you have to remove the filament? Or can you leave it so it will be ready to print next time you turn it on?


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1) no, although i just leave mine on 24/7 because it only has a few LEDs and uses a few milli-amps of current.. nothing that you will notice on an electrical bill. Uses less than your dvd player when it's not being used

2) leave it for ever until it runs out
Thanks DJ.....
Amazon has this printer for $799....
Think I am going to get it!
nice! You're going to love 3d printing:D It's addicting...
for $200 more ($999) isn't the FlashForge 3d Creater PRO a better choice ?
Prints PLA & ABS
The PLA filament is not proprietary.
it I had a choice and both were new, I would go with the Makerbot in this situation. I haven't looked at the Makerbot in question and have no clue of the condition of it, but have used both extensively. The Flashforge isn't a bad option expecially for a new printer. Either will require similar repairs in time.

USE GOOD FILAMENT in either case though. Clogged nozzles are a real pain.

But the makerbot only supports pla, still good for you?

The printer is new probabbly makerbot old stock ?
I use ABS due to being able to make multiple parts bond with Acetone. PLA normally prints better and requires less power.

Options are nice though.