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United Arab Emr
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3D Printer Selection Criteria And Recommendations

I am looking to buy a new 3D printer for my personal use at home for my designs.
With @DJ bad experience with couple of them and @Feroze recommendation still confused .
I need more criteria and details to be able to take proper decision ..
1. Cost
2. Support
3. Ez to use and integrated with ez-builder
4. Supporting software and format
5. Cartridges cost
6. Expected consumption per design

I am new to this and trying to get more practical advice while reading and researching .
Thx in advance


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United Kingdom
I have nothing to add but I am also interested and looking so want the notifications:)

However, that said...

3. All 3D printers will work with ARC. That's all I have to offer on this one.

By "supporting software and format" what do you mean? For the actual 3D cad files? If so, I am under the impression all 3D cad software has the ability to save as STEP files which is what are needed (I think). There are free software options, I think Google Sketch Up is free. However SolidWorks is mentioned a lot. I use AutoDesk AutoCAD and Inventor to produce 3D files since I've used AutoDesk products for around 15 years now, however they are expensive (£2500-£3000 for a full licence*)

I guess I had a bit more to offer, maybe...

Post whatever you find out away from the forum too as I'll be very interested in it.

*Licence - Oxford English Dictionary *eyeroll*
YES i am looking for a fair good one,not a production design only to make a few prints.
ON software i look at AUTOCAD and have a friend who says i can have his with a license,and RICH the WORD LICENCE spelled wrong this time ,check even in english Uk spelling too,unless i am wrong.
United Arab Emr
@Rich : I am sure many will be interested . I am going to do my own research in parallel and post my findings.
I have seen that some of the printers have their own sketching program and converters to read from multiple file formats.
United Kingdom
Josh mentioned the Solidoodle earlier, it's $500 ($700 for the upgraded one) but the new version 3 is out soon)
Cube is supposedly going to be sold at staples from what DJ mentioned in the presentation the other day.

I looked at the Solidoodle earlier and it is tempting, it's low cost which is the driving force really. But does low cost mean cheap? That's what would hold me back, well that and the V3 being out soon.
OK,sorry its not just you i look for bad spelling it others too,i did say i might be wrong.
I not fighting like be before with you,
been super new to you in all my post to you and my grammar is not better.
please stick to to the topic.

Thanks for the link RICH will use it next time.,i like my spell checker works very good,but i guess it doesn't have oxford english.

If you find bad spelling in mine would be ok too.

@EVERYONE including DJ very sorry about this,i do not anything towards RICH any more and not picking on him also.
sorry is off topic and will never happen again
Since I am on this forum 90% of the time on my mobile phone and since this site is not really optimise for mobile platform. My spelling will be wrong also, honestly don't care. Don't see the big deal.

Will do some research on 3d printer when I get home, will post what I found. My buddy built his in 2010 for $350, will ask him and share soon.
There are a lot of options.

You can save money by building a kit and spending a lot of time learning how 3D Printers work.

If your not as interested in the 3D printer itself and want to spend the extra money for a better user experience then you would want an assembled 3D printer from a company that has good support.

The soliddoodle looks interesting for the price although I don't have any experience with them. Some of the prints I have seen from the soliddoodle did not seem that high quality.

Another under $1000 printer are some from Printrbot.com

These printers are capable of getting good prints especially for the value, but the guides leave out details and overall can be difficult to pick up for someone with no experience. But if your patient and use the user forums at printrbot.com you will be able to power through any hurdles and soon you will know everything about your printer.

I owned the printrbot before. I like 3D printing so much I wanted a printer with higher resolution, bigger build area, and faster. So I got the Ultimaker. Ultimaker so far has been a great printer for me. I had to build it from a kit, and it was sorta difficult. It has risks, getting the kit, luckily I got my printer together and working just fine. Ultimaker is one of the best on the market so far but it is kinda expensive $1800 total including shipping for the kit. Also Ultimaker is open source so your can easily upgrade your machine, and find replacement parts at low cost. I will upgrade my Ultimaker to have a heated bed soon when they come out with the upgrade kit. Also the Ultimaker community is big! And this makes a difference because of support and more people have resolved any mechanical challenges with the machine.

The replicator 2 is also one of the high end 3D printers but I think most people here will stay away from them because of DJ's experience. I have heard of a lot of Replicator issues, but I also have heard the Replicator 2 making great prints. If you can afford it, and your lucky to get a completely error free replicator 2, it is a really good machine, capable of great prints. Although in my research I found the Ultimaker to be better, but the Replicator 2 was also given consideration.

3D systems cube is an overpriced, limited 3D printer in my opinion. No fan, closed cartridge design. Getting it repaired by them would be expensive, all proprietary. Looks like they are connecting the printer with there online store for 3D models but they say you can print anything. 3d systems Cartridges are the worst part, really expensive for little plastic compared to getting spools from other places.

I have also heard people getting good results with the Afinia H series printer. Although this printer is geared for ABS and I much prefer PLA.

I am interested in hearing other recommendations too
I am looking at the cube or cubex

DJ will this work with your new release
Obviously you can read reviews but cubify has the top rated but the solidoodle with the heated bed , metal frame and door upgrades sheilds it from drafts.

I am honestly considering getting the solidoodle 2 or 3 because its within my budget , the cubify is awesome and if I get enough people having parts printed then maybe one day I can justify the cubify. Even if prints are not super high resolution I could clean them up with some 800 grit with soap and water.
@JOSH i heard good thing things about solidoodle and thats one i am looking at to get.

But will look at other ideas,i need fair good prints,low cost since only doing a few prints.
i'll go for the cube or the cubeX also. are cheap, easy to use, good quality, and good for prototyping.

@pj_dtechy you read it wrong its $447 plus $50 shipping. info near bottom of page.

But still a very good deal depending on the quality.
Need a few servo motors ,control board and spool holder and print head ,heater coil ,gears and a lot more,control might be able to use EZB
Would be a great EZB project mmmm may be me.

Pirate3D already has working prototypes. The Kickstarter fundraising is geared to help move the development schedule along and get the machine into production. A $447 pledge includes a $50 shipping charge and gets you a Buccaneer along with five extra cartridges of print material. Additional cartridges will sell for $12.

JOSH am i correct on this.
actually had put less than $500, the second 0 was embedded into the link which cause it not to show. posting from my cell, I apologize.
Not a problem PJ_DTECHY
Not really your fault just want others to know the correct price,but still a very good deal and a great link.

I look at a idea to make one like a xy table with a print head and heater,big problem is the software but i think with EZB and camera it can be done and may be less or using optical encoders and EZB.

Table part is easy and heater and motors,only print head i see as a problem needs to be like a electronic feeder.

ELECTRONICS and motors i design a lot,only some coding is hard for me but ezb is mostly easy.