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3D Printer Recommendations From Experience

I'd like to ask the community for their feedback on getting a 3D printer.
We are looking at getting a 3D printer with a bed of at least 10x10 (inches) or 254x254x254mm and I'm looking for recommendations (preferably from experience). If you have experience in this arena then please post.

I'm starting this conversation as my friend already let us borrow his FLSUN 3D printer which has been a total disaster as well as what I call a time sucking machine that takes you nowhere. eyeroll tired.

I know there are printers out there that basically work out of the box and/or even work well from being built as a kit and just wanted again to reach out to the community to find some. Thanks


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We use MakerBot replicator 2’s with no trouble at all. They are great - and if you find one used, the things to look for maintenance are

  • stepper motor cable for the intruder
  • Heater
  • temp sensor

If anything ever goes wrong with that printer, it’s one of those three things.

I couldn’t even tell you the number of hours we have on those printers. A ridiculous high amount


A Robo 3D R1+ if you want a more popular model or Creality CR10S


@jstarne1 That printer is getting a bit small in size at: 10 x 9 x 8 inch 254 x 228.6 x 203.2 mm will look at the creality CR10S


@DJ Sures


We use MakerBot replicator 2’s with no trouble at all. They are great - and if you find one used, the things to look for maintenance are

  • stepper motor cable for the intruder
  • Heater
  • temp sensor

I'll take a look as this is very good to know.


Ok this tread should get a lot of hits!

Lets look at price The current market leader and most bang for the buck is the CR-10 that prints on a 11.81"x11.81"x15.75" heated bed. When I purchased it I had zero confidence and knowledge about 3D printers.

My journey

  1. I paid $350 for my CR-10 on a holiday special
  2. I had to put it together (Excellent videos on YouTube and huge fan base)
  3. I upgraded all the fans to make is silent (Excellent videos on YouTube)
  4. I added dampers to the remove vibration and make it silent (Excellent videos on YouTube)
  5. I upgraded to a 2nd z lead screw (its the screw that moves the printer up and down, this is now standard in other models) a. must have when you print tall objects. I make a lot of rockets and this fixed any symmetry problems
  6. I put it in an enclosure and now print ABS with 99% success rate
  7. I print on sheets of glass purchased from IKEA a. this way enables me to print one after another the other with zero down time
  8. I changed the nozzle to Micro Swiss hardened steal. Copper hot ends get brittle very quickly

Conclusion I have over 5000 hours printed on my printer. My printers quality is better than the Ultimaker 3 which cost between $3000 - $9000. The Creality CR-10 is not plug and play. You need to learn how to level the bed and install simple upgrades. But for the price it can't be beat. Plus there are endless youtube videos if you run into trouble. Your real challenge will be learning the slicing software and CAD software.

@DJ Sures Sorry man we many turn your website into a 3D printing haven. LOL

Best wishes to all!

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I just bought the Creality 10s. Only about 10 hrs print time on it so far. It was a really good value. It replaces my Geeetech i3 Pro which is a Prusa clone. I got thousands of hours and a full inmoov out of that printer. I expect the 10s will be even better.




I just bought the Creality 10s. Only about 10 hrs print time on it so far. It was a really good value.

Keep us updated on this as I've heard good things about it and would like to see how it ends up being after a while.


I imagine it will be at least the same quality of the CR-10 which people really stand behind. The 10s has some extra features to beef it up too. Compared to my previous printer this one is much more solid and the components much better.


@Perry_S ...Updates on your printer if you are have been using it? Holiday specials are starting to show up and as such we are watching now...

Also, if anyone else has updates and or even another printer...let's hear it..


Ok.. So, after much consideration and reviews we ended up getting one of the first  Creality 3d 10s Pro.  He now has over 200 hours of printing with it.   We love it. (well I've only got like 5 hours on it since my son is working on a Inmoov).

User-inserted image Highly recommended for printer around that $600 range.  I want to thank everyone for their input and I'll snag a few things he has printed and post back here.


I have used flsun chinese printers to make two Inmoov robots the first inmoov was made on a flsun pursa standard printer but I needed a larger build platform to build my second Inmoov robot Bruce-e which I just finished , my second flsun printer is a kossel delta with a build platform of 240mm x 240mm x 280MM I paid 350.00 Canadian for the delta with free shipping from china using DHL although DHL had further charges, it took 3 weeks to arrive.  I use a glass disk as a build platform and use Aussie Hairspray. the parts never seperate they don't warp and release easily when the glass is cool. both printers run almost every day and over a period of several years. thousand of  hours, I use PetG filament but have used ABS filament for smaller parts of you wanted to print large parts in ABS you could easily make an enclosure for a delta.  the second Inmoov has a lot of upgrades like  tilting neck by Gael, Articulated stomach by B Houston, Aerius planitary gear elbows,  that use a HD ez-robot servo. and my own redesigned hands, etc. User-inserted image


I can report back that I have nothing bad to say about the CR-10s I bought. Still working great. My recommendation stands


@Perry_S I'd recommend the Creality-10S pro or even CR-10S.  Love it.  In fact, my son says he wants to save for another one this summer (maybe the dual extruder version).  I even emailed Creatlity a couple of times just to ask a few questions before getting the printer and they were very very helpful


Yes, I own the CR-10s. I highly recommend it.



Is the CR-10 v2 still the recommended 3d printer here?

what is the going safe filament to use?

This is my "first" try at this, don't need any headaches



Creality CR-10 v2. I'm using the Max/Pro version and its by far the quietest printer I've ever used. Very well built. I am running only PETG.


Is that the Creality Max/Pro?

quiet out here