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  • 2017-01-15 - connected ARC to the cloud
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Latest submissions

3D Printer Recommendations From Experience

3D Printer Recommendations From Experience

I'd like to ask the community for their feedback on getting a 3D printer. We are looking at getting a 3D printer with a bed of at least...

@fxrtst     I love Alan.  My son (just turned 12)  was also hoping for quite a long time to buy one some day, but you never made it to market for home use..       That's ok we totally understand.  With that being said my...
Fried Servo

Fried Servo

So my son had decided to do a talking pumpkin for halloween. Funny thing is he used one of the older servo's (not the new HDD servo's) and just after the contest. I get a call and receive this: now...

Openjarvis-Kalliope Or Similar With Ezb

I've been looking around in the Forums and have seen some speech being used with EZB, but does anyone have a working example being used with say OpenJarvis, or Kalliope or similar? Kalliope- OpenJarvis- I'm asking because some of the talking robots that I've seen coming up (InMoov for...

Ir/Serial Codes How-To

I've spent about 2 hours digging thru the community and some threads and such and can't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone have a link, tutorial or something for how to serial commands in a sequence from EZ-B? For example let's say I'm able to connect to any toy's IR port via soldered connections and know their particular IR codes that I...

Ez-B V3 Looking For With Robot Ok

If anyone has an ez-b v3 they are willing to part with let me know. or If anyone has an ez-b v3 already in something like roboquad let me know as I could be interested (depending on price). Thanks
Camera Image Won't Rotate On Mobil

Camera Image Won't Rotate On Mobil

I'm helping my son build his first Ez-Robot (Kleenex box type). As such I helped him with his first Mobile App which is basically just a test app for...
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