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300 Amp Motor Controller

i need help using this controller. I was able to get it wired up ok thanks to dschulpius but not i cannot control it from the ezb I only have forward. no reverse. I am using a servo Controls - Modified servo Movement Panel It maybe that I don't know what I am doing. thanks


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I don't know anything about this specific (300 Amp) motor controller, but can you get it to work under PWM? And are you sure you wired it correctly?

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You want to use the Modified servo Movement Panel and you will need to set the settings to the correct ports which the controller is connected to.

Once you have done that it should work. All I can suggest is that you check the config.


I have no idea what the config should be Script (when using 2 esc): servo(d0, 35) servo(d1, 35) sleep(50) servo(d0, 39) servo(d1, 39) sleep(50) servo(d0, 42) servo(d1, 42) found at

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When I get home I'll take a look at the control.

Do you have a datasheet or link to the controller? I've not used one but the datasheet should tell me all I need to know.


Do you have the proper control installed? There are a couple controls that look similar and can be confusing.

Under "Project menu" Select "Add" then Select "Servo" and make sure you have chosen "Modified servo Movement Panel".

Once you know you have the proper Movement Panel control installed you'll see a small icon of a gear in the upper left corner. Click on that gear and you will get into the Config section where you select the ports you have plugged your servos into on the EZB. Make sure you have the plugs installed in the proper orientation. Black is ground and goes towards the inside of the board. Again, make sure your ports in the config area of the Movement Panel match the port you have the servo control cables plugged into on the EZB.

Here's a vid DJ made on how to do this:

Hope this helps.

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In the newer ARC the controls may be different to some of the videos.

Here is how to add and configure the Modified servo Movement Panel

Go to project on the ribbon and choose Add. Then look for this control (highlighted red) under the "servo" group User-inserted image

Click on the gear icon to go to the config (again highlighted red) User-inserted image

Set the correct ports (red) and check the default values (green) User-inserted image

Provided the controller is connected correctly (ground/black to the inside of the board) it should work.


Rich make this so EZ. He's a true asset to this forum.

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I'm always more than happy to assist where I can (which is almost everywhere) :)


I have it working, however my d1 port does not work on my ezb board. I will take it out in a little bit and test with regular servo. To use the controller you have to initialize it. full forward. stop full reverse stop. listen for tones. now it goes forward and back. I just need to troubleshoot my ezb board to make sure d1 port is not fried. both controllers work on d0 port. thanks for all the help. No data sheet for this just trial and lots of errors. I will post some picture later. thank you to all that have helped.


I had problems with ports not working on my EZB at times. I think it happened when I had something attached to it that was wired wrong. All I had to do was shut down the EZB for a few minuets and then restart for it to start working again.


@rich I had some trouble figuring out how to bind the esc to the ezb. also my d1 port is fried. I used d4 in stead. now it is running fine. I can also control from voice. left right forward reverse. Now I am ready to start building up body and feature. Thanks for all the help. I posted my config to the cloud as Dog v1.0

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I've not used one so I only know what's on the tutorial page, although until earlier I wasn't even aware that it used the servo movement panel.

If you use the Contact Us page the EZ-Robot staff may be able to help with port D1. It could be a case of the main chip needs removing and pushing back in again but then again it could be something more complex. Drop them an email and they will help you if they can.

Great news that it's running now though. You'll find the more you play with ARC and the EZ-B the easier it becomes. It's all pretty simple to use and most things you will come up against are very well documented too, and if not then the community will always step up and help:) It's the best community I've been a part of and it's how I learned what I know really, to think I've been active on here for around 12 months now and there isn't much that gets by me :)

Looking forward to seeing your progress.