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3 D Printing Purchasing Help Needed

Hi, my fellow robot creators, 

I have viewed all the robots you all have printed, I know you guys have a lot of information on which printer to try, filament etc.

After a year of this, I am ready to try my hand at this.  Maybe an InMoov like bhouston ,  lol,  I wish....

I know and need your expert opinion in this venture.

Can you please point me to a 3d printer I can use?



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We've been using makerbot replicator 2's for the last 8 years. The maintenace required is yearly and it's either

1) the stepper motor wires break inside the cable. difficult to diagnose were the break is. usually it's easiest to simply replace the wire entirely. lots of after market options

2) the heater/temp sensor fails yearly
Thanks I will check the reveiws
Im wondering what printer to get next too. Ive had to retire my XYZ Davinci 1.0 printer as the Heat nozzle and feeder mechanism have both finally failed after nearly 5 years of use. Time for something bigger:)
@EzAng Hi. I have some advice if you decide to print an inmoov robot.    First, visit and studySTUDY the inmoov site the information will help you decide if this is what you want to do.   www.inmoov.fr,  follow the instructions as Gael (the designer) has supplied there do not make changes to the design and also note Gael builds inmoov using ABS filament.  this means if you choose a printer make sure that it is enclosed, and has higher heat requirements.  both bed and extruder.  you will see that Bhouston used PLA.  he is an experienced builder and designer, do not follow his example, build with ABS. the reason is ABS is way stronger and resists heat and breaking.  Ask Jeremie about breaking PLA parts during his last Astro Boy Build.  it you visit the English inmoov site all you will see is broken PLA parts and plastic screws breaking.  do not waste a very long build with PLA.  you can read about PLA breaking with my first Inmoov.  I did not have a printer that was enclosed so I choose to use PETG filament the same properties as ABS, only stronger and easier to print.  no enclosure required. and this filement is odourless and non  toxic when you print it.  What ever you decide you have my support.