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WOW ! printing your own batteries is like printing your own solar cells ..power to the people!


you know of a way to power up the Rover 5 (10-12 volts) and EZ-B/Dagu (5 volts) using a laptop battery, specific instructions will be amazing. I would also like to know if i can get a 9/6 pin cable on each end that can plug into the battery, and be used as an extension cable for wiring to devices, and/or getting a 9 pin plugin (like the one that is on the battery that i can put on the outside of the robot for plugin into and charging, having wiring run to the battery for extended length from each plug)

User-inserted image

and using one of these 2 laptop batteries to power the device. And using an external charger for the battery:

Apple Battery External Charger

Dell Battery External Charger

User-inserted image

I do believe that pins 1,2,4 are negative/ground (-) and 8,9 are positive (+) but still confused how i can do this all. If you can help i will greatly appreciate it. (apple has 6 pin, dell has 9 pin, not sure about apple yet)

I can't guarantee but i think the EZ-B can handle up to 17 volts going into it, if so I think I can hook up one of these batteries straight to the EZ-B (10.8 and 11.1 volts) and have it also go to the Dagu power input for the Rover 5 motors. And to charge I just need to find a cable that connects right onto the battery and can be plugged in by the charger (male to female with either 6pin/9pin on each side depending on the battery). I would like to use the apple laptop battery as for it is much smaller but i am unsure about the wiring for that battery. But I believe it should look like this: (not actually code but the chart is view easier as code)

pin 1: 1st +
pin 2: 2nd +
pin 3: 3ed +
pin 4: 1st -
pin 5: 2nd -
pin 6: 3ed -

and then the dell looks like this:

Pin	 Name	         Description
1	 BAT+	         Positive battery terminal
2	 BAT+	         Positive battery terminal
3	 SMB_CLK	 2- wire System Management Bus signal (SMbus)
4	 SMBD or SDA	 SM Bus Data, Serial Data - the positive signal is 3.3V
5	 GND	         Ground
7	 ON/OFF	         (the positive signal is 3.3V)
8	 BAT-	         Negative battery terminal
9	 BAT-	         Negative battery terminal

if you can help me out I will greatly appreciate it. The main idea is that i want a plug for a laptop battery (male to female either 9 or 6 pin) and a plug alike one on the laptop battery. See my forum here, thanks.


Just a tip, if you want to make custom batteries purchasing cell phone batteries and Wire them together. Each cell is 3.4 to 3.7 volts just solder jumpers to the contacts. Be sure to use a 30 watts + soldering iron so that you can solder the contacts in just a couple seconds to keep the battery internals cool.